Monday, August 26, 2013

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris Review

This is another really good vampire series that has become crazy popular and the HBO series has not hurt the popularity of the book at all. I have read the books and I have still been able to enjoy the t.v. show because they made it very obvious that the show would be going it's own way from the books. This series revolves around Sookie, a small tall waitress who just happens to be a telepah with fairy blood that's like catnip to the recently outed vampires. I have relatives who live in the ArkLaTex area, including Shreveport, La where some of the story takes place so it was especially fun for me to read about this unique part of the country. Sookie is looking forward to meeting her very first vampire and she gets her wish in the form of Vampire Bill, the resident vampire who has come home to Bontemps to reclaim his family home. 

Shifters, witches, and fairies all make up the supernatural world created by Harris and it's really an enjoyable ride. Let's not forget one of the sexiest vampires ever created, Eric Northman. Eric the Viking vampire is something to conjure to make yourself happy, happy, happy. Overall this was a really good series but there was a sense in the last couple of books at the end that Ms. Harris was done and really wanted to wrap this series up and you may not be happy with the ending. I'm sure that fans such as myself didn't give Ms. Harris too much slack and she simply can't please every one, so in that spirit I accept her conclusion of this wonderful series even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

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