Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gargoyle's Mate (Gargoyles #1 ) by Nia K. Foxx Review

I enjoyed this fun and quick interracial/paranormal romance very much. This is the first in a series of gargoyle stories.This first story revolves around Dr. Fatima Smith who has a fascination with gargoyles and after presenting a paper on gargoyle mythology finds herself up close and personal with one Lorn De LaRue who just so happens to be a very old French gargoyle. Lorn, believing Fatima to be a fledgling,a human woman who is able to mate with a gargoyle,lures her to his home in France with the promise of giving her access to information that could prove the existence of gargoyles. I won't give away any more of the story because it really is a short read, but well worth the read. There are some editing,spelling,and grammar hiccups in this book but I still enjoyed the story and it is a great escape read with an interesting take on gargoyles.

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This series in reading order:

Gargoyle's Mate
Gargoyle's Challenge
Gargoyles: The Forgotten

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