Friday, August 30, 2013

Give Me More ( Whispering Mountain Series) by Kortney Alexander Review

Alright folks this may be a slippery slope for me, let's see if I can firmly plant myself at the top of this hill and not slip too much further down the literary mountain. I am an unashamed romance reader and I enjoy a good steamy scene as much as the next girl, but Ms Alexander is definitely pushing my boundaries to it's furthest reaches with this series. There's lots of sex in this one girlies! To her credit, Alexander did manage to have a good story to accompany all of the hot sex. Bo Durden and Spring Showers (yeah, you read that right) meet in Las Vegas and agree to have a one night stand with no strings attached and play a game of 3 wishes. Passion and hijinks commence. Since this is a fairly short story I will leave it at that so that I don't spoil anything for you. 

As I stated in the  before this is part of a series-a series that focuses on one sister in the Summer family at a time. Now brace yourself, the next two books in the series are menage themed...Ummhmm-menage; and not just the two guys one girl kind, the second book, Surrendering to Summer is 3 guys one girl. The third is just the tame old 2 guys one girl (Spring's story). 

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Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, interracial, public exhibition] It only took one night. One chance meeting, and their separate fun-filled weekends collided into one. Spring Showers made sure she had plenty of time in Las Vegas, arriving there a day earlier than her sisters. But the first time she decides to leave her inhibitions at the door, she gets more than she bargains for in the hotel's restaurant. Bo Durden is a retired bull riding champion looking to escape the fanfare that goes hand in hand with the annual bull riding competition in Las Vegas. But not even in his wildest dreams does he expect to be tangled in his hotel sheets with the sexy minx he meets in the restaurant. It was a one-time deal. They should have never seen each other again. It was one night that turned into three, and their lives would never be the same again.

**Note: This book contains anal sex. **

For the brave at heart heres the reading order

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