Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Her Viking Wolf by Theodora Taylor Review

This was a fun paranormal/interracial romance that I enjoyed despite it being a little on the short side. The characters of Chloe and Fenris were well developed and the story felt well thought out and flowed well. Chloe is a young black woman who loves everything homemade, from making her own cleaning products to making all of her food from scratch. This ability will prove useful when her destiny in the form of a Viking wolf from another time lands in her hometown. 

Fenris, the leader of a shape-shifting Viking village has no doubt who his mate is when he reaches the other side of he portal and doesn't see a problem when he realizes that she is someone else's intended. For Fenris, fate didn't make a mistake, Chloe did when she agreed to marry another and he is there to correct it whether she wants it or not. 

I enjoyed Taylor's take on the mating ritual as well. There were scenes where this particular feature could be very frustrating but also provided a little giggle because there was no running away for poor Chloe. Great story, well written, and with a bit of hotness that is worth reading again and again! This is one checks both the paranormal and interracial romance boxes which made me happy, happy, happy!

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The third smoking hot, bestselling interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series!

When Chloe Adams was four her shiftless shifter parents abandoned her on the side of the road. But now she’s a DIY domestic goddess, and engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado –- that is until a sexy, time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.

Wait, what?!?!

Hold on to your seats, dear readers, this book contains two rival alpha males, sizzling hot mating, and nothing less than the adventure of a lifetime.


  1. Oh, I have this one...Yay! so glad you enjoyed it. I love this series, I haven't read all the books in it but the ones I did read...I enjoyed. Great review Monica :)

    1. I look forward to reading your review on this one Sharonda. I hope you enjoy it too!


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