Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outlander (Outlander #1) by Diana Gabaldon Review

This is the first book in one of my absolute favorite series. It has almost everything that I could want in a story. This is not in any way the typical romance/love story. There's a strong main female character who is smart, not at all insipid and deals with being thrown back in time to the best of her ability. Claire is smart,resilient, and able to pull herself together quickly and handles situations in a manner that befits a more interesting character than what you would find in a lot of typical romances where the female character is usually very young and not usually confident in her own abilities. Jamie is the leading male character who we get to see is way more than just the typical alpha male that you would find in a romance novel.He's younger than Claire but the life he's lived and the experiences that he's had before even meeting Claire makes him a very interesting character. I'm a sucker for historical fiction so throw in adventure, intrigue, political unrest, and yes a bit of hot sexiness and you have the perfect book for me! I also love that this is not a wimpy little 300 page story instead you get an epic sized book that is 850 pages of goodness.

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