Friday, August 23, 2013

Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack #1) by Shelly Laurenston Review

This is the first in the Magnus Pack paranormal romance series by Shelly Laurenston . In this book we meet Sara Morrighan and her band of crazy best friends along with  Zach Sheridan and his pack of wild shape shifting, motor cycle loving men who are bit on the rough and tumble side. Sara doesn't know herself fully yet and Zach seems to think that he is her destiny and he does things to her that makes her body react in completely unexpected ways. I have to warn you that their brand of HEA isn't the typical kind that most have come to expect in romance novels, but hey to each their own. This was a very quick read and I think that it was meant to be exactly what it is, a quick enjoyable, reality suspending romp that is not suppose to be deep and thought provoking. You will get a chuckle and will be entertained at a great price; right now (8/23/2013) the eBook is only $3.44 at Amazon.

Happy Reading!

This series in reading order:

Go Fetch (Magnus Pack) You can read my review here

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