Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stone Lover (Stone Passion #1) by A. C. Warneke Review

This is the first in a now completed trilogy of romance stories that revolve around 3 gargoyle brothers. This first book is the story of Vaughn and Melanie. Melanie is branching out on her own and has found a tiny apartment in a building that she can't resist and after a trip to the roof becomes fascinated by the gargoyles who seem to watch over the building. She is especially intrigued by the gargoyle that resembles a lion.Vaughn  turns out to be the gargoyle that she's infatuated with. The story is a little awkward in the beginning and the fact that she traipses through a stranger's apartment to get to the roof is a little odd. In my world waltzing through a stranger's home can get a shotgun pulled on you quick and in a hurry!

The story does start to flow better as you get further into the book but there are some editing issues. However, I was still able to enjoy the book. The story unfolds in a way that will definitely make you want to read more about the other 2 brothers an root for them to connect with their mates and get their HEAs. There's a nice touch of the paranormal and gargoyle mythology that I enjoyed very much so overall I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys paranormal romance. This series is also a seriously good bargain to boot, right now at Amazon each title is only $2.99 each or you can get the trilogy all together for just $6.74, great deal right?


Romance, a little drama, a lot of passion and gargoyles

Melanie Jacobs has always been a little out of step with the rest of the world. She sees things that aren’t there, from the magnificent stone birds that fly overhead to the enchanted castle in the middle of the city. It’s when she gets an apartment in the castle that she discovers that she isn’t the one seeing things; it’s the rest of the world that is asleep.
Vaughn Nosuntres explodes into her life New Year’s Eve and he is unlike any man she has ever known. The attraction is magnetic, overwhelming and irresistible. Powerless to resist, they embark on a passionate affair under the cover of night.
But what Melanie doesn’t know is that when the sun comes up Vaughn becomes a stone beast, a guardian of the worlds and a protector of Melanie.

A modern day fairy tale romance, spicy and sweet. 

warning: contains graphic language and frank depictions of sex (M/F)

Series in reading order:

Stone Lover

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