Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taken by Moonlight by Violette Dubrinksky Review

This interracial/paranormal romance is a full length book and does not disappoint. Vivienne and Conall meet after she is chased by a wolf of all things when she leaves the campsite. Vivienne isn't exactly the outdoors type but wanted to spend her birthday with her twin sister. Conall is attracted to her but doesn't want the trouble of dealing with a human female. They will both quickly find out that things are not at all what they seem and Vivienne is in for a rude awakening when things start to happen to her and quickly spiral out of control.

 TAKEN BY MOONLIGHT is well written with a fast paced story that kept me engaged from beginning to end. This is the only book by Dubrinsky that I have read, but I will definitely be looking at her other titles.

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When she agreed to go camping with her twin to honor a birthday milestone, Vivienne Bordeaux imagined itchy mosquito bites, the possibility of West Nile, and perhaps foot-fungus, but she never anticipated just how much her life would change. After almost dying under the snapping jaws of a rabid wolf—go figure—Vivienne is saved by a gorgeous, dark-haired man, who may just belong to a cult. Her attraction to Conall is strong, and she’s unable to control it, especially when he’s touching her….

Conall Athelwulf is no man. He’s a werewolf, the leader of the largest pack in New York, and he knows better than anyone that relationships between weres and humans are strictly forbidden. So why is he unable to get beautiful, but very human, Vivienne Bordeaux out of his system? Amidst fears he’ll hurt her, Conall soon realizes that laws be damned, he’s unwilling to let her go. Instinct tells him Vivienne is his in every sense of the word, and a smart wolf heeds his instincts.

When others threaten his claim, Conall is determined to teach them the hard way: fists or claws. But Vivienne isn’t as she seems, and both parties soon find themselves at the center of an epic war, where Vivienne may be key to the salvation of an entire race.

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