Friday, August 30, 2013

Wedding the Highlander (Pine Creek Highlanders series Book 3) by Janet Chapman Review

This is a well written romance with a twist. Instead of the female character getting slung back in time to the highlands of Scotland the warrior is transported from a Scottish battlefield  to modern day Maine years before they even meet. The warrior becomes a successful Christmas tree farmer of all things, but it works. There's a touch of magic in this sweet book and those of us who cut our teeth on romance writers like Kathleen Woodwiss and Julie Garwood will definitely appreciate and enjoy this one. The story revolves around Libby Hart, a talented surgeon who's running from something unsettling that happened in an operating room and the highland warrior Michael McBain. Michael, of course, is a traditional take charge man and it seems to be just what the doctor ordered. (Sorry, I couldn't resist). This story isn't too short, but it is a quick and enjoyable read.


"A runaway beauty finds love in the brawny arms of a handsome stranger..."Talented surgeon Libby Hart is fleeing to Pine Creek, Maine, when her car spins out of control and crashes into a pond. She is rescued by Michael MacBain, a medieval highlander trapped in the modern world by a wizard's spell. Wounded in love once before by a modern woman, Michael wants nothing to do with Libby, but he can't resist the intense desire she stirs within him. Can this proud warrior pledge his heart to a woman whose secret threatens to change their lives forever?


  1. I think I have this one in a box of still untouched romance novels....I 'm gonna have to cut my sleeping hours to catch up with all of them. But Janet Chapman is on my must-read list and after this review I'll definitely fish this book out of that box :) Have a great weekend!

    1. I know, there's never enough hours in the day. So many books,so little time. Happy reading Mina and thanks for stopping by!


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