Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aiden's Game (Tale of Three Hearts Trilogy) by Sienna Mynx Review

This IR book is the first in a series that surrounds the characters of Aiden, a very wealthy hotel/gambling mogul, and Daisy a very young, ambitious, and somewhat naive woman fleeing a small town with her fiance in pursuit of a "better" and more exciting life. Daisy, after being spotted by Aiden in his hotel, is willing to sacrifice what she tries to convince herself and her fiance Pete is just a night of her life. That the use of her body will mean nothing to their relationship in the long run, but will solve all of their money problems and allow them to follow their dreams. Yes, this is a similar plot line as a very popular movie, however the trajectory of the characters move in a unique direction from there. I freely admit that I am a fan of Mynx's writing so I may be more forgiving than others when reading this first book. This isn't the first and won't be the last time an author uses this scenario to start a story line and I don't have a problem with similar plot base if the story evolves uniquely with the clear voice and imagination of the individual authors. 

Daisy is written in a way that you want to both strangle and hug her at the same time. Having more life experience myself, I did become annoyed with her reasoning and Pete's inability to reign her in and tell her exactly what he really felt, but you have to chalk all of that up to their mutual immaturity and Daisy's ability to talk circles around Pete. Aiden is a dominating force that neither Daisy nor Pete really stood a chance against. Books 2 and 3 moves the story along very well and if you are a fan of IR this trilogy is definitely worth the read.

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Meet Aiden Keane: rich, sexy, and bored. He owns Vegas and every lost soul looking to make it rich. No bets are placed at the infamous Shamrock Hotel from which Aiden Keane doesn't collect. But with all that he's acquired, he's squandered even more. Arrogance and curiosity draw Aiden to a young couple down on their luck. One look at Daisy Johnson and a plan forms. A young woman, whose simple, small-town upbringing makes her crave the glamorous life, seems the perfect prey for Aiden's wanderlust. He approaches her and her boyfriend with the promise to make her dreams come true. But does he?

A deal is made. One sex-filled night on his terms with Daisy Johnson will bring about a bounty of a million dollars, free and clear. The stakes? Her dignity, and her young lover's pride. Can the love of money and a young woman's greed destroy the bonds of 'true love'?  Aiden thinks so. It's a wager he's sure to win--until he, too, learns a valuable lesson: play with the wrong woman's heart and you may lose your own.

Publishers Warning: Explicit Sexual Content, Strong Language, Mild Violence, Dark Humor. 

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