Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Black Gun, Silver Star

I picked up a copy of our local free newspaper, The Arkansas Times, a little while ago and this gentleman was on the cover. There was a wonderful article about the author and this book. I am a history buff and love the romanticism of the American West. Now I know that real life in no way reflected the idealism portrayed in the movies and romance novels, but it is something about the era of the cowboy and the building of our country that so many of us just can't resist.There were so many really bad things happening in our country to people of color at that time, so I absolutely love to find a book whether fiction or non-fiction that shines a spotlight on the amazing things that so many men and women were able to accomplish despite the systematic oppression and disenfranchisement of entire groups of  people.  Buffalo soldiers, black ranchers and cowboys are always one of my favorite subjects so I was really thrilled to find yet another historical figure that I had not yet been exposed to. Bass Reeves is one of those examples whose history needs to preserved. Help support the writers who are chronicling our forgotten history by buying and enjoying books just like this one. 

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