Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deceitfully Yours by Bethany Bazile Review

 This is the first book that I have read by Bazile and it was a shocker. This book is very firmly in the erotica genre with BDSM throughout so if you are a little squeamish when it comes to very descriptive and intense sex scenes be forewarned. There are lots of sex in this book and Bazile did not hold any punches. The writing is well done and the story moves forward at a smooth pace. When we meet Kylie we really don't know what her game is. Bazile leads the reader on a bit at first and you don't know if she's a call girl, blackmailer, corporate spy or what; you just know that it's something that is definitely shady. Jude on the other hand comes across as an overindulged playboy that's all about getting what he wants, but quickly learns that what he though he wanted from Kylie is quickly changing into something much more than he anticipated. 

Bazile conveys tension and stress well in this book, you can feel Kylie's and Stacia's anxiety when dealing with their controlling boss Mason, who is little more than a thuggish bully who will use anything and anyone to get what he wants. There's the added stress of jealousy for Kylie because of a one night stand between Jude and his sister's best friend Kendra who he rather arrogantly sends his love interests to for physicals to get a clean bill of health. Really? Why would you think that it's okay to send the person you want to sleep with to a woman who you slept with once and then ran from? Come on Jude! Jude's younger sister is a piece of work as well and doesn't approve of Jude's lifestyle and immediately brands Kylie a slut on sight. The story alternates from both Kylie's and Jude's point of view which makes the scenes more interesting as you can see what each is thinking and feeling as their relationship takes off much faster than either expected wanted. Secondary characters like Stacia, Jax, and even the hated Mason are all integral to the story. Bazile ties the story up well and there will be a sequel at some point entitled Defiantly Yours that will be the story of Stacia and Jax. 

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Jude Baxter knows instantly that he wants Kylie in his bed. What he didn’t realize is that she’s everything he’s been looking for. When lust turns into love, Jude puts everything on the line to make Kylie his.

Kylie Weber manipulates situations to get what she needs from men, but Jude knocks her off her game. Jude is unexpected and exciting. Kylie soon finds herself erotically entangled in Jude chains and rope, but worst of all she’s gotten her heart entangled in this very dynamic man.

Will the secret she keeps from him cost her everything she never knew she needed?

This is a standalone novel. 
Warning: This title is an erotic romance intended for adults. It includes graphic sexual content, explicit language, and elements of BDSM.

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