Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Her Russian Billionaire by Theodora Taylor Review

This IR is a quick and enjoyable read. The story starts with Alexei Rustanov and Eva St. James as a young couple in love struggling to finish their education and just plain happy to be together. They still have the optimism and hope of youth and believe that their love for each other can make up for their differences in race, culture, and any adversity that they may face. Alexi is working towards an MBA and wants desperately to earn enough money on his own to support Eva in her dreams and to be able to give her the quality of life that he feels she deserves. However, the life and family that Alexi left Russia to get away from catches up to him. Eva running for her life, leaves with more than just Alexi's heart. The story picks up when years later Alexi decides that it is time to get revenge on Eva by manipulating her in a way that he knows she wouldn't be able to combat. 

HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE is well written with enjoyable characters. The story flows quickly, the romance is believable, and the loving is steamy! I truly enjoy Taylor's writing and the only complaint that I have is the same one that I have with many IR stories and that is that they don't seem to be long enough and I wanted to keep reading!

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The second smoking hot interracial romance from the 50 Loving States Series!

Russian ogliarch, Alexei Rustanov, wants nothing more than to leave his past behind, including the sexy and sassy Texas beauty, Eva St. James, who so callously broke his heart back when he was a poor grad student.

But when he runs into her at a wedding eight years after their tumultuous break-up, passions ignite and Alexei decides he will settle for nothing less than red-hot, dirty, and oh-so-erotic revenge.

Can he have his Eva and get his revenge, too -- without losing his heart again?

WARNING: This book contains blazing hot sex, explosive secrets, one intense alpha male, and a love story with some serious twists and turns.


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