Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bad Habits by Sienna Mynx Review

The newest book from Sienna Mynx is different in that it doesn't just focus on the relationship and story of one couple, but instead has two main story lines going at once. This proved to be no problem at all and both stories flowed together well and I can not say that one story line was better than the other. Simone and Keith Livingston have just moved from New York to New England into an upscale suburban community with little diversity and low tolerance for anyone who doesn't conform to the accepted social norms. Country club, tennis, shopping, and gossip all seem to be the thing that keeps the women of Castle Rock going and Simone has a hard time even wanting to fit into that. Keith on the other hand not only wants to fit in, but wants to become the shining example of what all of that over privileged world represents. 

The couple next door, Cain and Maryanne Gatlin are not just neighbors to Simone and Keith. Cain is now working for Keith and Maryanne is the very spoiled daughter of Kieth's boss Andrew Hollingsworth. Both couples have very real problems in their marriages and become entangled in ways that they could not have foreseen. 

Simone's sister, Kim, is a nurse struggling to raise twin boys Denny and Danny back in New York after losing her firefighter husband in a tragic accident while fighting a fire. It is quickly revealed that Kim has her own demons, bad habits, that are controlling her in a way that she can't admit to herself.  Dr. Matthew Donnelly, a surgeon at the hospital that Kim works for, has feelings for her and wants to be a part of her life, but doesn't know the depth of her troubles. 

Both Kim and Simone have to deal with an alcoholic mother, Diane, who has little to no control over her own life and along with her own bad habits so she is more burden than help to her daughters. This story is complex, but well executed and the characters are all very realistic and well developed. There are twists and turns throughout the book. When reading this book and before you judge some of the decisions each of the sisters make you really have to ask yourself if you could or would have made vastly different choices from them or if you too could have easily found yourself in their same predicaments.

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Simone Livingston wants desperately to start again. She and her husband Keith have both agreed that their marriage is worth saving. Despite the deep betrayal and lies she's suffered thanks to his infidelity. Their arrival in a small town run by the wealthy conniving Hollingsworths tests her faith in her husband and the sacred vows of her marriage. And when Keith's dastardly deeds unveil who he truly is Simone's bad habits of forgiving and forgetting despite her suffering brings about unbelievable consequences. The one man she shouldn’t trust throws a lifeline to her, and soon it's a race against time to fight for her future, escape the present that threatens to destroy her, and save everyone she loves.

Kim Jensen is a widower. The death of her firefighter, beautiful husband, while pregnant with their twins devastated her. Two years later she has found a way to cope. A dark secret that she keeps from the nurses and hospital she works for. That is until she meets the dashingly handsome Dr. Mathew Donnelly. Immediately he steps into her life to become the hero she never asked for. But will her bad habits put their careers and new found love in jeopardy, or teach her the most valuable lesson in second chances?

Both sisters struggle to survive pain, betrayal, love lost and the prospect of new love gained. Bad Habits is not your typical love story. It’s an exploration in the human spirit. Through suffering we achieve triumph, through grief we learn the healing power of letting go, and through change of spirit we become the women we are destined to be. A graphic, explicit tale that explores the avoided topics in romance, infidelity, drug addiction, self-loathing, and ultimately forgiveness with a touch of love.

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