Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celestial Beginnings by Rebekah Daniels Review

Daniels has an interesting take on fallen angels, demons, and her creation of super natural creatures called nephilim who are the descents of the fallen angels and humans. The nephilim all have special and varying gifts that they are able to use in their fight against evil. The world that Daniels has created is unique and a little dark set in and around Chicago. This first book in the series revolves around Malachi, a nehilim who is also an empath and Trinity who is a human teacher. Celestial Beginnings starts off with Malachi and Trinity meeting in very sexually charged dreams which they both initially think are completely their own. But after a disaster instigated by Malachi's evil fallen angel grandfather Azazel, Malchi and Trinity come face to face.  Daniels has a solid and interesting plot line with plenty of interesting  ways to take the story. I look forward to reading  Gemariah's story. At the end of Celestial Beginnings Gemariah was informed that big things were about to happen.  I am sure that Nicci will be a part of the happenings and I want to be along for that ride.

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**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**


Being a descendant of a fallen angel, nephilim Malachi Starkman, is all about his duty in protecting mankind and preventing Satan’s army from growing any further. He leads a squad of talented warriors on this quest to preserve humanity, but as leader, he feels every aspect is his responsibility. After centuries of fighting, he is starting to feel burned out, and wondering if this is his sole purpose on Earth.

Local teacher, Trinity Bradshaw, has been trying to move on from her turbulent past but it doesn’t seem to want to let her go. Therefore, when a deliciously handsome man with alluring eyes says he wants to help her, she cannot say no. So many obstacles stand between the two, but neither of them seem to be able to walk away from the other. Will they find common ground or will she just be a liability in his quest to destroy the one that has plagued him for years?

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