Friday, October 4, 2013

Survive My Fire by Joely Sue Burkhart Review

This is a novella and what seems to be the prequel for the trilogy Blood and Shadows. I actually re-read it just to make sure that I didn't miss something important that would have made me connect with the story and characters better, but alas this book simply wasn't my cup of tea. The story was confusing and convoluted. Chandra, the main character, has been a dragon, the White Dragon, for centuries after incurring punishment for cursing her own people after being rejected by the man she loved.  The story opens at her awareness of Jalan tal"Krat, the last Krait dra'gwar (dragon warrior), who has come to kill her. They have a short lived tussle and she is turned into her human form after he has forged a bond with her by tasting her blood in exchange for the blood she drew from him. They immediately have sex because she has a burning need after her centuries as a dragon and Jalan now feels her emotions. Jalan tries to convince her that she can ans should help his people. 

Their world is struggling to survive because of the extremely limited amount of water. Their world is in turmoil, with war between different factions, men "succumbing"  to their dragons and being used in warfare. I think that in order to understand the prequel it would probably be best to have read at least the first book in the series. Maybe this should have been a full length book, there's too much mythology that needs to be understood for me to have really enjoy this story. 

The Series has gotten high reviews on Amazon, although there aren't tons of reviews, so the actual series may be very good. I may give the series a try later on down the road. I feel like there could be a good story somewhere in the labyrinth of this novella, it just didn't come through in such a limited amount of space. Each book in the trilogy is only $0.99 so it may be worth giving at least the first book a try.

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Hundreds of warriors have braved my domain. They came, and they died.

I killed them all.

In a land of poisoned sands and unending drought, Chanda has been trapped as a dragon for centuries. When yet another warrior comes to her lair, she wants to eat him. The last one was certainly tasty.

As the last dragon warrior of his tribe, Jalan must kill the White Dragon to save his people. He survives her teeth and claws. He even survives her Fire. Yet he loses the battle to protect his heart from the proud, fierce woman revealed by the silvered full moon.

While Jalan must choose between his heart and his tribe, Chanda realizes she may at last break her curse forever… if she’s willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all.

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