Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Deadly Series Boxed Set by Jaycee Clark Review

This series made me wonder where the heck I have been all this time. Jaycee Clark is a wonderful writer and she takes you on a distinct, fast paced ride in each and every one of these books. These books can stand alone, but the series follows the Kinncaid Family and oh what a group of brothers. Clark gives you everything you would want in both her male and female protagonists. The story lines are well developed and as I finished each book I felt that I had not only gotten a romance but had been given a well written experience. 

I don't gush over too many books, but this whole series was enjoyable. Another huge bonus for me is that the characters are all "real" adults, no angst filled new adults here. For those of you who enjoy interracial romance there is even one in the set for you. Book 4, Deadly Games features a black woman with a very interesting background. You will not regret picking this series up as a bundle. However, you may regret the amount of sleep you lose because you couldn't put it down but you will enjoy the ride. Each book offers something different with the different personalities of the Kinncaid men and their love interests and the challenges they face. A good price at $9.99 for 5 eBooks. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


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