Monday, October 7, 2013

The Gamble (The Colorado Series #1) by Kristen Ashley Review

First off, let me just say that I went into this series because I received the approval to read Jagged, the latest in this series by Ashley that will be released on November 5th, and since I hadn't read any of the series I thought that it would be a good idea to read at least the first book to get a feel for what type of story it may be. Well, I'm in love with yet another Kristen Ashley book. I have read another of her series, The Fantasyland Series, and really enjoyed them so I was more than happy to give this one a try too. Firstly, The Gamble's main characters are real adults. Nina Sheridan, is a 36 year old lawyer who is living in England with a successful career and a fiance, Niles, that she is taking a break from and Holden "Max" Maxwell is a 37 year old alpha male who has is own career and complicated history of his own. This book is a complete story and you get everything you would want from a romance with so much more added in to boot. Nina is a character that is flawed with her own issues that have not stopped her from still wanting to do what's best for herself even when it is not easy. The dialogue is wonderful and the interactions between Nina and Max; and Nina and everyone in Gnaw Bone is what makes this story so engaging. The titles Nina gives to Max are hilarious: Max, a.k.a. Colorado Mountain Man, Wonder Max, Macho Mountain Man Max, and Mr. Overprotective.

There's love, passion, murder, and intrigue. The secondary characters are eccentric, annoying, heart wrenching, and funny. There's a scene in the book that had me in tears and I don't cry while reading many books. Movies, yes, commercials, yes, but not books. Visuals tear me up but I can usually hold it together while reading, but Ashley got me with this scene. Yes, I know that the relationship happened super fast, but I didn't mind that a bit! In fiction I don't mind suspending realistic time frames so much. This book is going down as one of my favorite reads this year. Because I have enjoyed this so much I will be reading each of the books leading up to Jagged and posting a review each week leading up to Jagged's release. Each story in the series is a stand alone so you do not have to read these in order. Another HUGE plus to this series, and kudos to Ms Ashley and her publishers for this, each book is only $3.79, including Jagged! These books are all over 500 pages so the price is amazing!  I will also be adding her Rock Chick Series to my reading list, my list just keeps getting longer and longer...

Happy Reading!

Series in reading order

The Gamble

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