Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Box of Romance Anthology

Another 99 cents bargain set.

Book Description:

*Only 99 cents for a limited time!* 

From sweet and sexy to hot and spicy, this compilation has it all… 

**Warning: Contains pages and pages of hot alpha males, scorching sex, and passionate romance.** 


Welcome to New York, where the only thing more demanding than the city is the men…. 

Addison Maxwell is crushed when she loses her job writing an online tech column for Intuition Magazine. No job means no income, and no income means giving up her dream of living in New York City and being forced to move back to her small town in Georgia. 
Enter Nathan Sweet, Addison’s gorgeous new boss. With his smoldering blue eyes and chiseled jaw, the thirty-year-old looks more like a model than an executive. On his first day at Intuition, he offers Addison a way to keep her job – take over writing the sex column. The only problem? Addison doesn’t know much about sex. 

Fortunately, her hot new boss is all too happy to teach her. But Nathan has a dark side – he’s prone to bouts of irrational jealousy, and his sexual preferences include whips, chains, and all sorts of delicious punishments. 
Will Addison be able to keep up with the gorgeous and powerful Nathan Sweet? Or will the dark and damaged billionaire scare her away? 


When Lindsay Benson buys her dream house, a cute little cottage on Cape Cod, she can’t believe her luck. Until she meets the next door neighbor, Chace Davenport. 

Chace and Lindsay have a history – after one hot night a year ago, Chace disappeared without so much as a phone call, leaving Lindsay confused and broken-hearted. And after a run-in with her sexy, dark-haired new neighbor, Lindsay realizes he’s the same jackass he’s always been. 

Chace never meant for things with Lindsay to get so complicated. He has his reasons for leaving her, reasons that are too dark and serious to share with anyone. He’s hurt Lindsay once, and he’s determined not to do it again. The only problem? He can’t seem to keep his hands off her… 

But will he trust her enough to let her in on his secrets? And if he does, will Lindsay be able to accept him for who he really is? 


When twenty-two year old Nicole Masters gets a highly coveted internship working for one of the largest advertising companies in the world, she can't believe her luck. But Jameson International isn't just any company. It's owned by thirty-two-year-old business mogul and celebrity, Red Jameson. 

Red is known for his high flying lifestyle; dating models and hanging with the rich and famous. 

The powerful billionaire can have any woman he wants, and the naive college graduate can't imagine making much of an impression on her new CEO. But when Red Jameson takes notice of her and invites her up to his secluded office one day, everything changes. 

As it turns out, the powerful businessman also has a voracious sexual appetite, and it's been whetted by none other than Nicole herself. And Red needs to be in charge at every turn. 

Nicole isn't just any girl though, and Red Jameson's shocked to find that the young intern is more than a match for him in a battle of wits and will. 


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