Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blood Destiny (Blood Curse #1) by Tessa Dawn Review

A few weeks ago I did a feature on this series after I stumbled across it and thought that it would be a great series to start and boy was I right! Book one introduces you into the vampire world and mythology that Tessa Dawn has created. The idea that vampires stem from the bloodlines of a set of cursed twins is an interesting twist. The fact that the vampire descendants of these cursed twins must continue to bear and atone for the sins of their forefathers through the generations is enticing. Dawn's take on mates, how they are recognized by the male vampires, and what those male vampires must do to simply live after meeting their mates are all creative and unique. The sacrifice that each mated vampire must make is astounding and I kept thinking surely that can't be right, but yes, they really do have to make a huge sacrifice to appease the Blood Curse.I have not run across anything like the lore that Dawn has created for her vampires. 

Jadon and Jaegar are cursed by the Celestial Beings for the sins that they have heaped upon their communities which included the sacrificing of women and children to their lust for power. The Blood Curse for both twins is amazingly harsh, but because Jadon sincerely asked for mercy he was granted concessions that were denied to his defiant twin Jaegar. Although Jadon did not actively participate in the extreme things done by Jaegar he was guilty of not putting more effort into stopping his twin. The play of good versus evil in this book is wonderful and full of tension. Dawn has packed a lot of information into this first book and has set up the series in such a way that I wish that I could just sit on my couch and read each book in the series back to back. 

When Jocelyn, an agent in a special department of Homeland Security called ICE, is introduced to the story she is on the hunt for clues to a human trafficking ring. While exploring a cave that an informant told her about she inadvertently witnesses a horrifying ceremony being performed by Valentine, one of the dark vampires. The story explodes from there and things begin to happen quickly. There was a moment when I put my Kindle down and thought, "that did not just happen!" My only complaint is that Jocelyn is one of those female protagonists that just won't believe that fat meat's greasy! If a thousand year old vampire who claims he's my mate tells me to keep my butt in the cottage while he and his brothers fight off a group of lycan hunters who are there to kill the whole group, I would keep my butt in the cottage. Let's see...I have no super natural strength, agility, or ability. I'm MORTAL, I weigh about a third of what they weigh, and I have one gun with a few silver bullets. Heads up lady-keep you butt out of the way! Whew, I feel better now that I got that off of my chest! If you haven't given this series a try and are looking for what I think is the beginning of a great series give Blood Destiny a try, it's a fresh take on vampires and I look forward to moving through the series. 

Happy Reading!

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