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Snowbound by Kim Golden Review

I have to admit that I don't usually give mistresses very much sympathy, especially when they are fully aware that the men they are involved with are married. Mia, the main female character in Snowbound, is the unrepentant mistress of a man by the name of Evan. Evan is definitely an arrogant jerk and in the beginning Mia isn't much better. Mia is defiantly proud of the fact that she believes that Evan will be leaving his goody two shoes wife for his hot and willing mistress. Shame on you Mia! There's no excuse you should have been able to give yourself that could have justified your 6 year affair with a married man! Now here's my shame: I enjoyed this book. Golden told a good story.I enjoyed the book despite the fact that there is a weirdly inappropriate conversation between Jake and Owen that will leave you asking why the heck he needed to divulge such intimate details to a man he had just met and the fact that not one of Mia's girlfriends told her that she was being a skank.  Sorry Mia, but knowingly sleeping with a married man for so long without a twinge of conscience kinda makes you a skank.

 Although this is a short story at only approximately 138 pages, you don't feel as if the characters aren't fully developed. You get enough of Mia's back story to get an idea of how she convinced herself that what she was doing was acceptable. However, I don't approve of her rationale and if for no other reason than her own pride she should have ended the relationship with Evan long before she did. Jake, the South African photographer staying in the guest house on her grandmother's property, and Mia's love interest is an interesting character as well. I really liked the fact that the race factor is important to the story, but not the whole picture. I really wish that this had been a full length book because the story is a good one and there could have been a lot more to it. In order for me to fully accept Melissa's response to her cheating husband I would have liked to know more about her as well. I think that my prejudice in favor of longer books comes through when I read these short stories; especially if I enjoyed the story. I always end up wanting more. Maybe Golden will write a sequel that could fill in all of those bits and pieces that were left out. (Hint, hint)

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Description:

Meet Mia Wilkinson. 
Mia Wilkinson doesn't feel very thankful right now, despite it being Thanksgiving. She's just found out her married boyfriend has no intention of leaving his wife. She heads north to her deceased grandmother's house in a small town in Vermont. But her plans for a solitary Christmas don't go as planned—especially when a gorgeous South African photographer shows up on her doorstep. 

And then there's Jake Groenewald... 
Jake's come to Hunters Grove to get over losing his best friend and colleague to the atrocities of war. The last thing he expects is to have his life turned upside down by Mia and her Rules of Cohabitation. And falling in love is definitely not on his agenda. 

Will a little snow help them along the way?

About the Author:

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and spent most of my summers in Smithfield, Virginia. 

I first realized I wanted to be a writer while attending the George Washington Carver Highschool for Engineering & Science--yes, there was a time when I wanted to be an architect, at least I thought I did. Then one day I just couldn't take the boredom of another chemistry class and decided to write a novel. It was passed around to all of my classmates, who loved it. I did this a few more times and realized I had absolutely zero talent for math, science or architecture. I was much better at writing so I focused on that when I went to university.

In 1995, I chucked living in the US for the good life in Sweden with my Swedish husband.

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