Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stronger by Lexie Ray

This 99 cents bargain sounds like a gripping read...

Book Description:

Jasmine had all but given up on life after a rough period of time defined by a string of physical and sexual abuse. Drugged. Sold. Betrayed. It’s at rock bottom when she meets the man who might be able to save her from everything — including herself. 

Nate King is a writer, young, compassionate, and good-looking. He’s drawn to Jasmine immediately, offering her a place in his home — and heart. He makes it his mission to take care of Jasmine and help her let go of the pain from her past. 

But what Jasmine doesn’t know is that Nate is living in his own private hell. When his secret is revealed, will their love be strong enough to survive it all? 

*Adult content warning. This story is not suitable for readers 18yo and below.

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