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Untamed Heart by Catherine Sharp Review

Shane was raised by the Cheyenne and after witnessing repeated injustices and a violent attack against himself, Shane wants nothing to do with any white person at all; male or female. However, Shane comes across an unconscious Ashley during a snowstorm. Ashley, a strong spirited woman who knows how to take care of herself, makes a desperate but foolhardy decision to go in search of her valuable stallion that has escaped. While battling through the snowstorm Ashley runs into a branch and is knocked from her horse. Despite Shane's distrust and anger against the whites he can't leave her alone to die in the storm. Even after returning Ashley to her home Shane knows that she has affected him in a way that he can't ignore despite his decision to never get emotionally involved with women.

Sharp weaves a good story interwoven with history, the Cheyenne language, and believable adversity that the couple has to endure. There's passion between Ashley and Shane, however there's an untruth between them that will threaten their happily ever after. Ashley has her own baggage and secrets that she has to deal with as well.There were a few spots during the story where it didn't seem to flow as well as other parts. This is Sharp's first published book and I hope to read something more from her soon. This was a good read and a story line and a genre that I have not really delved into, so if you are a fan of historical western romances, or just curious and want to give one a try this would be a good one to start with. There's a lot of story packed into this book. It's under 200 pages so it's a quick read and priced under $4 it's a good deal to boot.

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I received a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review. 

Book Description:

Shane Cordell, raised by the Cheyenne, is savagely handsome. Women are drawn to him like a moth to a flame, and he's every bit as dangerous. His heart never gets involved...until now. Ashley Clayton is beautiful and independent, She was raised without a mother's touch, having only her father and ranch hands to ease her into womanhood. She is naive in the ways of etiquette but not in the ways of the flesh, horseflesh mostly. Upon her first encounter with Shane, she feels a strong attraction immediately, but there is a lie...a lie she is sworn to keep. A lie that seems so innocent now bodes heartache for their future. Shane must face his past in a courtroom where he is charged with rape and murder. Just as he's found not guilty, Ashley's innocent lie sends him running again, this time into a prostitute's arms.

About the Author:

  Catherine Sharp is a flight attendant with the private airline Flexjet. She is the mother of two grown sons and lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas with her husband and West Highland White Terrier. Determined to contribute a novel of high quality to one of her favorite genres of historical romantic fiction, Untamed Heart is her first book.

Where you can find Catherine:

Her website Catherine Sharp
On Facebook at Untamed Heart or Catherine Sharp
On Good Reads at Catherine Sharp

Read an excerpt from Untamed Hearts:

Chapter 5 

Ashley could tell from Shane’s even breathing that he was still 
asleep. She hated to think of separating herself from him but decided 
to get up, stoke the fire, and put on some coffee.

Gingerly moving his arm that was carelessly thrown over her hip, 
she carefully scooted out of the bedroll, washed up as thoroughly as 
possible with the water that had been brought in the night before and 
quickly retrieved her clothing that she had so easily been separated 
from last night. The feelings that were still swirling around her were 
more than physical feelings. They were so much more. She knew a 
man didn’t need deeper feelings to be intimate with a woman, or 
many women, for that matter. She should have controlled herself, 
shouldn’t she? But how? She had no more control over those feelings 
than a river rushing downhill. No! She would not feel guilty! She 
didn’t regret one moment of it. She was past the age when most 
women lost their virginity…most women her age had children. Yes, 
but they had lost their virginity within the marriage bed to a man who 
had promised to love, honor and cherish them in front of a priest and witnesses.

She was taken quite unawares as she noticed the dried blood on 
her thighs. She couldn’t exactly explain why. It certainly wasn’t 
unexpected, after all, she knew the way of things. It must be seeing 
the actual proof of her lost virginity that surprised her. The emotion of 
it all and the feelings that welled up within her at the sight of him 
were overwhelming as well. 
His face in sleep looked like an innocent boy, but as her eyes 
traveled over the length of him, a child was the last thing that came to 
mind. He had magnificent muscles over the entire length of his body, 
and the male part of him was imposing, like a stallion. That 
comparison made her blush, as she stared unblinking. Looking at him 
now, she was surprised that she was able to take him inside of her 
with no more pain than was experienced. She hated to admit it, but 
that was probably due to his skill in the art of making love. Well of 
course he is experienced. What did she expect, a bumbling 
schoolboy? Just look at him! She was sure, now more than ever, that 
he would have no trouble convincing many women to abandon 
everything for him. Smiling, she stoked the fire until it was blazing 
again. The aroma of the coffee was making her stomach growl and 
she hummed a tune as she worked. 

Shane slowly awakened to his surroundings when he smelled 
coffee and heard a light tune sung by a voice as sweet as a canary. He 
had a smile on his face until all the thoughts of the previous night 
came flooding back. Oh, it had been wonderful all right, but at what 
price? For her, the price had been enormous! 

Ashley became aware of Shane looking at her and rewarded him 
with a radiant smile.That smile was indeed his undoing. 
She said happily, “Good morning, sleepy head.” 
He looked at her and couldn’t think of anything to say that would 
come close to what he was feeling. He muttered softly, “I’m sorry, 
Ashley.” She thought she would burst! Of all the words in the English 
language, he couldn’t have come up with two worse ones! The smile 
fled her face and she couldn’t hold back the bite of sarcasm. “You 
couldn’t have thought of two…wronger…I mean more wrong…Oh! 
Two words that could be more wrong!” she spat out. “Let me assure 
you, Mr. Cordell, that you have nothing whatsoever to be sorry about. 

As I’m sure you know, your performance was splendid. You have 
been told that before, many times, yes?” 
“No no, let me finish!” The words were spilling out. “I may not be 
as experienced as you obviously are. However, I do know that, with 
the exception of rape, it takes two to accomplish what we 
accomplished last night and I can’t imagine anyone would be stupid 
enough or blind enough to mistake what happened last night for 
“But,” he interrupted, “I took advantage—” 
She didn’t let him finish. “Do I look like a simpleton to you?” 
“No, of course not.” He tried to keep his tone even. 
“Then don’t for a minute think that I did not know what was 
transpiring between us. And don’t for another minute think you are 
obligated to me for anything other than to find Dante, which you have 
already agreed to do!” 
“I can’t help but feel guilty, I have never taken a virgin—” 
She interrupted again furiously. “Taken! You took nothing! It was 
mine to give. And I knew exactly what I was doing.” She couldn’t 
help the tears that welled up and started to slip down her cheeks. 
“I’m sorry…” He tried to go on, but she turned her back to him. 
“If I hear those two words coming from your lips ever again, I 
will slap them right off your face, do you hear me?” 

“Loud and clear.” He said nothing else. He rose and put his 
breeches on without a shade of modesty, as if being completely naked 
in front of a woman happened every day of the week. 
She thought, “Well, it probably does!” She wanted to slap him and take
 him in her arms all at the same 
time. Oh it was all so infuriating! Instead, she turned away and busied herself
 preparing breakfast. Well, what did she expect after all, a vow 
of everlasting love, a marriage proposal perhaps? How absurd! She 
just wanted those warm feelings from last night to return and these 
tense feelings to be gone. She turned around with a completely 
different expression on her face, determined. “It’s my turn to propose 
a truce. sit down and enjoy it, if you don’t mind.” Hard as she tried, she 
couldn’t erase all the bite from her words. 
“I agree wholeheartedly. I never could enjoy a meal while fending 
off lances being thrown my way.” There was a hint of a smile on his 

The tension was broken somewhat and she hoped they could turn 
the morning around to be a little more of what she had hoped for 
when she awoke, so sated from the night before and so hopeful for the 
day to come. 
Shane couldn’t help but stare at her throughout the meal. She was 
so beautiful, innocent and fiery all at the same time. The thought of 
how she had responded to him the night before was making him 
exceedingly uncomfortable again. He had never been so out of control 
before…at least not since he was a boy. 

She did notice that he was looking at her somewhat curiously. She 
hadn’t forgotten her virginity had been lost last night and she had told 
him she was a widow. Those facts didn’t add up. It was almost as if 
he could read her mind. 
“Ashley, how…why were you still…uh…” 
“Virgin? Is that the word you’re having such trouble with?” 
“I know it’s none of my business, but I can’t imagine a man 
having you as his wife and being able to stay away from you.” 
“I’ll take that as a compliment, even if it wasn’t meant as one,” 
she stated firmly. 
“Yes, it is a compliment and it was meant as one.” 
She couldn’t stop the blush that flooded her cheeks. She was 
remembering her wild abandon the previous night. “Well,” she 
continued, “we were married in somewhat of a rush while he was 
passing through from one battle to another and by the time I saw him 
again…well, the war, you know what can happen.” She paused 
meaningfully. She saw that Shane was getting the gist of her 
explanation, and for some reason, she felt guiltier about maligning 
Terrence’s manhood than lying about her marital status to him. She 
subtly looked away and thought to herself, Please forgive me, Terry. 
Shane looked a bit stricken and started to speak, but Ashley 
stopped him by saying, “If you were going to say, I’m sorry, I would rethink those words if I were you.” 
She couldn’t help but smile just a little. 
He also cracked a smile and said, “Yes, I remember something 
about getting slapped, if memory serves.” 
“Your memory serves you well, indeed.” 
They both laughed lightly at the same time, finally breaking the 
tension. They continued their meal, somewhat comfortable with one 
another, at least for the time being. 
Shane wanted to say something a 
hundred times over, but didn’t speak, as it seemed there was too much 
to say and nothing at all. 

He finished his meal and started the packing ritual that signaled he 
was ready to leave, with no further comment. His face was stoic and 
She felt that perhaps to him, the whole matter was forgotten. 
Maybe it should be, maybe she should try to act as if nothing 
happened here. It would take a good deal of acting on her part, of that 
she had no doubt. 
His stoic expression outside belied the clashing of emotions 
inside. If he did the right thing, he would…marry her? The fear of the 
word somehow seemed worse than the actual idea of it. He had 
always spurned any ideas of marriage and family, for himself anyway. 
It had always seemed so impossible! Every time he looked at her, 
guilt ate away at him. Was guilt the only feeling? At this point, he 
didn’t know a damn thing. He decided, at least for the time being, that 
he would concentrate on the task at hand, and only the task at hand! 
Finding that stallion seemed even more important now. What the hell 
kind of thoughts were rolling around in his fool head anyway? He 
needed to finish this job and get the hell out of here. He couldn’t 
afford to get involved with a woman, knowing what was waiting for 
him, from his past, in his future.

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