Saturday, January 18, 2014

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones on Sale

Alright so remember how I bitched and moaned; whined and complained in my review of 
If I Were You how the publisher had put books 1 & 3 on sale for $1.99 but not book 2? Well, book 2 is now on sale for $1.99, but books 1 & 3 are regular priced. So I grabbed my copy and can now see what happens after that big ass cliffhanger at the end of book 1. What the heck is wrong with Gallery Books? Why can't they put all three on sale at once? Oh well, I guess that's just me complaining about my first world problems! So if you are like me and refuse to pay too much for an eBook and you want to read this series at least pick up book 2 while it is on sale and I promise to let you know when I see books 1 & 3 on sale again!

Happy Reading!

The Frugal Reader
The Pinny Pinching *B*

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