Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Funny Valentine (Tia and Mel Trilogy Book 1) by Sienna Mynx

Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
When a girl needs a valentine...
There's no telling what she might do!

Sometimes the sweetest love comes in the most unexpected of packages. That's how
it is for Tia Jackson. A successful marketing executive with a large
family and overbearing sisters, Tia has always hated the game of
courtship. She wants to be valued for her accomplishments, not her
ability to find true love. 

To keep her sisters from meddling in
her personal life she invented Mr. Right, several times. But now, her
baby sister is poised to get married in a big Valentine's Day wedding,
which leaves Tia desperately in need of Mr. Right-Now. So a plan forms:
based on lies and deception, she enlists the help of a man she could
never find herself attracted to. But Tia quickly learns what happens
when you judge a book by its cover... or when you try to dodge Cupid's

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