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Rumors of Wars (Of Wars #1) by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, Lisa G. Riley

Rumors of Wars is not my typical paranormal romance. There is no hot romance that sizzles the pages despite having little to no story to support it. Rumors of Wars really isn't a romance at all, although there is a burgeoning love that we see coming. This is a fully developed story that leans more toward fantasy than just paranormal and I loved it. The character Perish Blackburn is a smart, edgy, strong, salty, foul mouthed orphan with the ability to Become (shift) into any animal she chooses and has recently discovered completely by accident that she can time travel. Perish doesn't know what she is either ethnically or Talent wise. She just knows that she is capable of taking care of herself and has a low tolerance for foolishness. Calamity Morris, a.k.a. Princess Buttercup is Perish's roommate with a talent for taking care of Perish even when Perish doesn't want it. P.B. also has a gift for helping the community at large with her ability to administer medical help to those in need. Then there is Ominous Pride, a very large werewolf who believes that Perish is his mate although she fights against it and believes that she doesn't have it in her to give Pride what he  needs. 

Rumors of Wars focuses on Perish getting corralled into helping Gregor Glinka, the head of an ominous group of paranormal beings called the Confederacy of All Talents. Gregor, a powerful wizard, has promised Perish that he can give her information about her parents that she would not be able to get herself if she would travel back in time and find out where he can find the famous Amber Room. Gregor claims to have created the Amber Room and has lost his connection to it and the power it holds after displeasing Catherine the Great and getting expelled from Russia. Later it was of course stolen and hidden by the Nazis during World War II. Things are definitely not what they seem. With the help from both her biological family that she connects with by going back in time as well as the family that she has made in her own time Perish must piece together the truth of who she is and what has happened to the Amber Room and why. 

The world weaved is full of the paranormal. There are mentions of vampires, telepaths, succubi, magic and time travel. The story is well written and flows well. It is definitely a set up book for the series and I for one am looking forward to book two. Rumors of Wars ends on a cliffhanger that will set your imagination churning. Rumors of Wars is a good example as to why I enjoy doing this blog! I would not have had the opportunity to read this in advance and may not have discovered this author without the blog. This is a great debut to the series and if you are a fantasy fan I hope that you give this one a try!

Happy Reading!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*


Bounty hunter Perish Blackburn has an unquenchable need to make money. The world is a dark, dangerous place in 2075, a place where only the strong and the wealthy survive. Perish is strong, but she wants to do more than just survive. And to do that, she needs money. Those without money are little better than slaves, a fate she is determined to avoid. Fortunately for her, in a world where paranormal beings are literally falling at her feet, she has a unique arsenal of skills. Her talents are quite valuable, especially for someone who isn’t squeamish about putting those abilities to use, or particular about whom she uses them for. Things are going quite well and she’s on her way to accumulating another sizable sum of cash when she comes to the attention of the one organization that can totally derail her plans, end her life, and quite possibly the world in the process. They have need of a talent Perish has just discovered she has, and given that they’re not the kind of people you can just say no to, she has to figure out a way to say yes and live to tell about it. She’s pretty sure she can, even with the unwanted help of a werewolf with the disposition of an Old World gentleman, a housemate who can only be described as eccentric and a couple of relatives who have been dead for centuries.

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You can read an excerpt from Rumors of Wars by clicking here

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