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Highland Shift (Highland Destiny Book 1) by Laura Harner

Blazing Hearts by Silvia McKnight

Good Lord this was bad. Editing, dialogue, and the flow of the story were all bad.I knew that it was bad when the author wrote Victoria and Alfred instead of Victoria and Albert. I’m not joking, that’s really in the book! Thank goodness I implemented the don’t waste my time policy. Oh, well…

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The King Excerpt by J. R. Ward

Another sneak peek into The King by J. R. Ward from Ward's Facebook Page!

“Xhex is one lucky female,” Beth said roughly.
It’s the other way around. Trust me—why are you looking like that? (Italics.)
“Like what?”
John Matthew seemed to flush. As if you’re going to cry. (Italics.)
She batted away the concern. “Allergies. I always get watery eyes
this time of year. Maybe I’ll pick up some Claritin while we’re out tonight.”
In the middle of December? (Italics.)
-The King, pg. 134

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rain on Me by Eden Connor Review

By His Desire by Kate Grey


Keith Logan has something that Sarah Harper wants, and he's going to use it to get what he wants.


All his life, Keith's money and good looks were enough to charm anyone--except for shy, beautiful Sarah. Back in high school she was the one girl he couldn't have, and the one girl who haunted his dreams. When he sees her again for the first time in ten years, he knows he'll do anything to make her his--even if it's just for one week.

There's only one flaw in his plan. With a woman like Sarah, one week will never be enough.

By His Desire is a steamy romance novella of 20,000 words.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blind Date Teddy Bear (Her Teddy Bear) by Mimi Strong

To Love a Shifter Box Set

A shifter box set for 99 cents, what could be better? Go grab one!



Werewolves, immortals with dragons for souls, demon dukes, and a lot more!

Falling in love with a shifter is often a perilous choice, not only to a woman's life but her heart as well. There's something about these shapeshifters and immortal warriors that make you want to risk everything, knowing that when they do fall in love, they do so for eternity.

To Love a Shifter: 
A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set offers all the supernatural romances you'd want, ranging from sweet and funny Young Adult stories to sizzling-hot adult BBW contemporary romances.

In The Werewolf Prince and I:
Misty Wall is your average girl: not too slim, not too pretty, and broke as hell. She's wished for her life not to be too boring, but she gets more than what she's bargained for when her boss, CEO Domenico Moretti proposes a marriage of convenience. Oh, and there's also the little thing about Domenico being a werewolf prince, too.

In A Royal Heartbreak:
 The love story of Domenico and Misty continues as war looms in the horizon. Will Domenico succeed in convincing his princess he loves her more than his ambitions for his pack and his destiny as the one prince to rule all Lyccans?

In Suit & Fangs:
 The race of Caros - powerful beings that were what vampires used to be - is introduced, together with Caylie Sonora, an 18-year-old Caro heiress who's bent on one thing: make Luka Georgiades fall in love with her and then break his heart the way he broke hers years ago.

In The Demon Duke & I:
 Photo-blogger Georgina McCartney knew her beautiful arrogant captor Silviu Draghici is crazy when he tells her two things. First: he's a demon. Second: she's destined to be his duchess, and he's not letting her go.

In Evren: 
Enter the Dragonette, Deli chooses to save herself from certain death by allowing her rescuers to transform her into Evren: immortals with dragons for soul. As she starts her new life with the Chevalier brothers, she finds herself falling more and more for Lucian, who unfortunately only treats her as a sister.

In Awakened: 
The Zombie Who Loved Me, back-up dancer Dazzle must find a way to protect her heart. Her bodyguard Varthan, a zombie-slash-Viking-warrior, is bent on seducing her. That wouldn't have been so bad if only he wasn't doing so because he considers it his "duty" to teach her about the art of lovemaking.

Offering more than 1,000 pages of fast-paced paranormal romances that will keep you at the edge of your seat, this boxed set is guaranteed to make you dream about finding a shifter to love as well.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Excerpt from The King by J.R. Ward

Ward has posted a little snippet from The King on her Facebok Page! I'll take any little bit she gives! The wait for April 1st is worse than waiting for Christmas! It also looks like she is doing another virtual signing for The King if you missed it last time. You can click here for the details.


Excerpt 1:

With a quick shift, Wrath pulled Beth against him, holding her to his naked body. She was a tall female, but even so she barely came up to his pecs, and as he closed his eyes, he curled himself around her.
“I want you to know something,” he said into her hair.
As she went still, he tried to pull something worth hearing out of
his ass. Some string of words that were even in the same zip code as what was doing in his chest.
“What,” she whispered.
“You are everything to me.”
-The King, pg. 24

Excerpt 2:

Wrath cleared his throat and leaned in. “What . . . what is she
“White. Calf-length. Loose. She’s escorted by her brother and carrying a pink rose that Rhage took from the bouquet in the center of the table.” There was a pause. “Her eyes are right on you, and that smile of hers? Million bucks, my friend. Million f**king bucks.”
-The King, pg. 418

Win a Copy of Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown

In a copy of Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown! I loved this book and if you enjoy a good time travel book enter to win a copy of this enjoyable read! Don't be fooled by the cover this is a wonderful ADULT read! You can see my review by clicking here!

Good Luck!

Eternal Breath of Darkness by Candice Stauffer

A paranormal freebie! Get it while you can!


Will Caylee's salvation come from the solitude of the cold, dark grave or from the sinful delights of surrendering her body and soul to the seduction of a wickedly sexy, dark and dangerous, powerful immortal?

From the beginning of time, Haden's kind has fought to stop the deadliest forces of darkness from destroying mankind. He has never feared defeat until now. He would sacrifice anything, even his life, to protect Caylee. But despite possessing the dragon's fierce nature and power, there's little hope he'll save her from a lust-crazed vampire that a rogue demon is aiding. Instead of completing the ancient ritual that'll give his eternal breath to her and bind their souls together for eternity, will Haden be forced to kill Caylee to prevent her from suffering a never-ending thirst for blood?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Going Berserk by Alexandra O'Hurley

This freebie looks to be only available from B&N, but if you have the Nook app you can still enjoy it. Grab it while it lasts!


A free vacation with a couple of newlyweds turns out to not be such a great idea. Kara is a third wheel and wanders down the boardwalk to find solace to her boredom. Adventure soon finds her in the form of a fortune-telling witch who captures her and holds her hostage.

Apart from his pack, Jakob is a Berserker seeking to find himself.

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Teaser for Capivated by You #3 by Sylvia Day

Still no cover for Captivated by You!

Day has put up a teeny tiny snippet on her page from Captivated by You. You can click here to go over and check it out!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day animated glitter images for orkut, myspace

I hope that you all have an abundance of love to share every day but especially today!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bonds of Blood (Blood Bond Series Book 1) by Shauna Hart

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Unexpected Find (Royal Pride 1) by Nancy Corrigan Review

Demons, Shifters, & Witches, Oh, My! Box Set

Bad for You by Kenya Wright

This chess board is different than a normal one. Instead of a king and queen, we have a Killer and Survivor. Where knights and bishops should be, there are Strippers and Gangsters. Yet, in this game of sex and deception, blood stains and life, an intense love grows in the most unusual places, leaving all of the players to consider dropping their guns and rethink why they started the battle in the first place.

Bad for You is an erotic romance serial novel that progresses over several volumes and are 85 pages each.

Find Book Goodness (I'm an Amazon Affiliate!)