Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan Review

This is book 2 in the Royal Pride series by Nancy Corrigan. When I read book 1, Unexpected Find, I had a negative visceral reaction to the requisite loss of soul for the heroine to fully become the eternal mate of her shifter lover. After posting my review to Goodreads, I had the very pleasant surprise of getting a response from Nancy Corrigan herself. Nancy was very kind in the face of my discomfort with the premise for what it would take for the couples to have a happily ever after. She thanked me for my honest review and said that it was not her intention that the act be taken the way that I had and in no way was meant to be an evil act. I was impressed that Corrigan took the time to contact me when I know that getting negative feedback on any part of one's story must be difficult and she was very gracious. Corrigan also informed me that the severing of the heroine's soul from her God will be resolved in book 3 which will be Josh and Mira's story. There will be some form of reconciliation of the heavens. Knowing this, I will definitely want to read book 3 and see how the resolution plays out. 

Now for my actual review of Beautiful Mistake! This was a heart twinging read. The alpha hero, Devin, is so burdened with his overly primitive and aggressive inner cats that you can't help but ache for him. Devin has taken on the punishment for a crime that his sister committed out of desperation and because of that punishment he is always on the edge of loosing control. When he comes across Lena while looking for an abducted shifter child he is immediately drawn and confused by her. Devin can not deny or ignore the immense attraction that he has to Lena and it is almost painful to read how great his need is for her and how desperately he wants to be able to give them both what they need. The scene with Devin and Lena's stuffed tiger is both tragic and humorous at the same time. This one scene has put Devin high on my alpha list! Lena is a strong willed and sometimes overly stubborn heroine whose main concern is protecting the family that she has left as well as her heart. 

Corrigan again gives her readers a nicely written and well laid out story with lots of passion and sex along with a "real" story to go with all of that steaminess. If you are a delicate flower and are sensitive to descriptive sex scenes this book may be a bit too much for you. However, I can personally handle the heat! I enjoy books where the author creates a fully fleshed out cast of secondary characters so that the world created feels more well developed and I believe that Corrigan has done that successfully with her Royal Pride series. Now that I have put my soap box away and have been reassured by the author herself that things will be well with the souls of these women I will hopefully be able to continue on with this series and enjoy the next books to come!

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Book Description:

 Royal Pride, Book 2

Lena will do anything to protect the shifter child her family takes in, even turn herself into bait. Although she knows better than to fall for a shifter, Devin, the man who captures her, is unlike any she’s ever tangled with. Their desire is unquenchable and the draw to him is undeniable, but their relationship is challenging from the start and loving him has the potential to destroy her.

After shouldering his twin’s torture, Devin hovers on the verge of insanity. His life revolves around his family and recovering kidnapped shifter children. He never thought he’d have a mate or kids of his own until a rescue mission turns deadly. The beautiful female caught in the crosshairs stirs his mating instincts and tames his wild nature. Only her confusion over their intense attraction stops him from finishing their bond, but Devin’s persistent. He’ll convince his stubborn female that he’s the man she’s been waiting for—one passionate encounter at a time.

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