Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blind Date Teddy Bear (Her Teddy Bear) by Mimi Strong

Ummm, did I read the same book as everyone else? This book has received so many 4 star reviews that I just went to check and made sure that I clicked on the right book. This is the first time that I could not struggle through a book that is less than 60 pages long. Thank goodness that it was a freebie. There is no story line, just bam! Oral sex in the front of a truck, in a parking lot, on a first date, after knowing the guy for less than a few hours. Now I like the humpty hump as much as the next girl, but I would appreciate it at least being disguised as a story...

Happy Reading!

This edition is no longer available as a single title.

It is now only available in a bundled set:

Naomi, twenty-seven and still living at home, is set up on a blind date by her older sister. Naomi expects to hate Trevor, but she feels an undeniable attraction to the tall, handsome, dark-haired man.

Trevor is mature, a powerful business man who develops real estate. He couldn't be more different from Naomi, who loves musical theater and playing dress-up, yet the two find common ground, plus intense flirtation over dinner. Naomi expects a casual fling, but there's much more to Trevor than meets the eye.

This deluxe edition contains the complete Her Teddy Bear collection:
#1 - Blind Date Teddy Bear
#2 - Take Your Teddy to Work Day

#3 - Dress Up Your Teddy

**This series is an EROTIC ROMANCE and contains frequent, detailed sex scenes. Due to content, erotic romance is recommended for readers aged 17+**


  1. Too bad, I rather like the cover - my hands are itching to touch !

    1. I know! That is exactly why I grabbed it. I thought that it would be a quick entertaining read. Very disappointing!


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