Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Claimed by a Demon King (Eternal Mates Book 2) by Felicity Heaton

This series is just getting better. I really enjoyed Kissed by a Dark Prince and book 2 Claimed by a Demon King did not disappoint! I love the fact that Thorne is not confident in his ability to woo and treat Sable the way his fated mate deserves. The fact that Thorne watches how Loren interacts with Olivia as well as how other mated males treat their mates to get an idea of what is appropriate just made me smile. He is often at a loss in the beginning as to how to get and give what he wants when it comes to Sable. However, his ignorance was pure bliss. He figures things out just fine!  Thorne has no lack of "alpha-ness" but his lack of hands on experience with females definitely leaves him flummoxed and sure of his ability to make mistakes when it comes to claiming his mate. I love that he wants to please her so badly and not take away from the fact that Sable is a strong fighter in her own right. Never fear! A Demon King with strength of body and heart proves that a determined male will find a way. 

Sable's character really grew on me in this book. As Olivia's best friend in book 1 she of course didn't get too much development so it was nice to see who she is and her back story is awesome. I also loved that she didn't play Bleu's affection for her against Thorne. It would have been easy for Sable to use her relationship with Bleu to keep Thorne at arms length. I also loved that Sable's desire for independence and acknowledgement of her own strengths did not keep her from acknowledging the attraction and pull towards Thorne. There is no way that Sable will allow herself to give up all that she has worked for and it makes for nice tension. Sable also has a big change that takes her and everyone else by surprise

One of the things that I liked most about this second installment are the secondary characters. I need to read more about them! I'm sure that everyone will be looking for a book for Bleu, but I would also like to see Vail's story and even a story for Grave Van der Garde. Is it wrong to want to see this dangerous vampire find a mate that will tame all of that hostility and aggressiveness? Oh, werewolves and dragons! Just the idea of bringing in dragon shifters makes me happy, happy, happy! And you can't go wrong with alpha werewolves! You would think that so many creatures would make for confusing and difficult reading, but no, Heaton does this all with finesse. I really liked Kissed by a Dark Prince, but Claimed by a Demon King checked all my boxes and now I can't wait to see what Heaton has in store for us next! It's paranormal goodness overload!

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