Saturday, February 15, 2014

King by L. J. Dee

This is a contemporary romance that's a freebie right now so grab it while you can!


King. He wore the name well. Marketing royalty, inherently arrogant with a supreme confidence that could only come with an inflated sense of self worth. Infuriatingly gorgeous, worshipped by his devoted band of loyal subjects and the bane of my professional life. God, I hated Jason King. 

Charlotte Smith is at the peak of her profession and on the verge of realising a long harboured dream. Few people know what she’s endured just to get here and one in particular seems determined to stop her. 

When beautiful and brilliant CEO playboy Jason King strides into her life, Charlotte's world is thrown into absolute turmoil as his need for control and her steely resolve collide with an intense passion she just didn’t envisage. Pulled further into the dark desires of the handsome enemy who stirs her so deeply, she knows she has to protect the heart that beats within her. A heart that has never known love. 

What happens when the man you loathe becomes the man you can’t live without? 

King is a standalone novel depicting adult scenes including BDSM, and is recommended for over 18's only 


Eventually, after soaking in the adulation he returned to his seat, leaning across to kiss my cheek softly in a strangely affectionate gesture I was neither expecting nor prepared for and my breath hitched. 

“You supported him through the King Foundation when he was starting out didn’t you?” The slight curve of his lip betrayed his answer before he spoke. I was already dead in the water on this account and the smug smile on his face was the final straw. 

“Great speech, King,” I hissed unable to stifle my growing irritation, grabbing my bag and bidding my farewells to the rest of the table before marching into the foyer. 

I didn’t give him the satisfaction of another glance, retrieving my wrap from the cloakroom and all but collapsing with a huge sigh against the wall outside The Ritz, gazing at the floor. He was just too damned good at this. 

I didn’t look up as I heard the footsteps striding quickly across the concrete, stopping abruptly in front of me as he grabbed my chin, pulling my face up roughly to meet his gaze, eyes dark endless pools and burning into my own. 

“Don’t say it,” I sighed quietly, unable to disguise my jaded mood as his mouth crashed into mine with a kiss so passionate and powerful that for a moment it buckled my knees. My body was reveling in the intense heat radiating from his hard body and the way those beautiful soft lips caressed me, tongue expertly exploring my mouth as my heart pounded out of my chest. It was a few moments before I came to my senses and pulled away, slapping his face, hard. 

I turned to hail a taxi as he stood staring open mouthed at me, a strange frown flickering across his brow. What the hell did he think he was doing?

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