Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bomaw Volume 2 by Mercedes Keyes Review

In Volume 2 of Bomaw events take off full speed.  We are introduced to more of  both Shawn's & Sylvia's families. Sylvia is still struggling with Shawn's forceful and sometimes overwhelming personality and learning how to fit their personalities together smoothly. Both Sylvia and Shawn are adjusting to their new family dynamic as well as planning their upcoming wedding. We get more insight into Shawn's ex-wife Deidre and the horror that is her family. Shawn's brother Jake continues to cause trouble, but we get a glimpse at where all of his animosity stems from as well as getting a fuller view of why he is the man that he is. Sylvia's friends from Chicago enter the picture with a bang at the end and the hilarity ensues. Sheila, one of Sylvia's Chicago friends, may be one of my all time favorite secondary characters. Sylvia's adult children, Crystal and Mundo, become a part of the story and life for all of them becomes a bit more complicated. However, Mundo had me giggling aloud. Most of us has a member of the family that can keep everyone in stitches and Mundo definitely fulfills that role.

I love the way that Keyes continue to weave and expand the world that she has created in the Bomaw series. All of her characters and story arcs pull the reader in so deeply that it's hard to break free and come up for air. Keyes has an innate ability to draw her readers in and make you feel that you know these crazy, messed up, damaged, but amazing group of characters. If a good editor and publisher gets their hands on this series and properly promotes it this would be such a runaway hit. I love this series and I just know that the editing issues will keep some people away and it just breaks my heart because this is truly one of the best series that I have read. I will try not to say that when I write each review, but I can't make any promises! If you enjoy multi-layered , entertaining stories with a diverse cast of characters this series may be for you. Volume 2 ends on a cliffhanger, but that's okay you just have to pick up Volume 3, you don't have to wait!

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Bomaw is an on going drama series that too many at first made the mistake of thinking was a fairytale - Bomaw is not a fairytale! It is rated R and does get into some very intense, realistic - life-like drama that many readers claim took their breath away. Volume two of bomaw does what every relationship must do, spend the time to get to know the person you're in it with - so is the case of this volume, it helps the reader get to know a bit more about the characters, for instance, Shawn Everett McPherson, who has some mighty big skeletons in his closet... this to Sylvia's shock!

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