Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bomaw Volume 3 by Mercedes Keyes Review

 Volume 3 of Bomaw is probably the most frustrating of the series so far. Sylvia pulls a runner after her wedding and her shenanigans and selfishness got her dangerously close to getting put on my "b**tch please" list. There are so many things going on and wrong with her family and she really should have put her husband and her family ahead of her self serving before baby and marriage bucket list. All of the secondary characters get fleshed out even more in this volume and I loved it. Sylvia's daughter Crystal continues to loose it when it comes to her marriage and her issues are heartbreaking. Mundo gets a taste of what it's like to have a man as a real role model through Shawn; who by the way keeps their family together despite his disappearing wife. Yeah, I'm taking sides on this one. 

We get larger glimpses into the pasts of Shawn and Sylvia. Jake fights his desire for a "real" relationship and continues to fight his true attraction to Vivian. While Vivian has to struggle with a previous lover to free herself of a bad situation. Jake also has to deal with his own shortcomings and faults when his actions cause an unthinkable event to happen.There's an unbelievably crazy incident with Deidre, Shawn's ex-wife and the mother of his daughter Angela, that is reminiscent of night time soap operas. And yes, there are more secondary characters introduced that branches the story off even further. However, the story is developing smoothly enough that these new additions add to and doesn't distract from the central story. I absolutely love that although Shawn and Sylvia are the central characters, Keyes continues to develop her secondary characters in a way that makes them just as vital to the stories. 

With 9 more books so far in this series before the newest is released, it's important to have enough story lines to keep me interested, and boy has she ever. And yes, editing issues still abound, but I just don't care! This is my second read of this one,and again, I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. 

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