Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bomaw Volume 4 by Mercedes Keyes Review

The saga continues in book 4 with Sylvia continuing her phase of "fulfilling me" while all hell breaks loose at home. One of Sylvia's "friends" stirs up trouble for both Shawn and Jake. Jake still hasn't decided if he is ready to be the type of man that could keep Vivian and make her happy. While Vivian has convinced herself that Jake is what she wants, everyone else, including Jake's family, aren't sure if Jake is what she needs. Vivian will not settle for what Jake is offering though, she's an "all or nothing" girl and won't settle for less. She just has to figure out how to successfully put off a man that sets her on fire. Shawn's brother Derrick and his wife Meribel are having problems that they need to work out in an otherwise happy marriage. Although Sylvia is still pulling all kinds of shenanigans Shawn is on the hunt and will not stop until he has his wife back where he wants her; home with him.Sylvia's daughter Crystal continues to loose it when it comes to her marriage and her issues are heartbreaking. We get more background on the Wherrington's and their devious craziness and the drama continues!

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Beauty of Man and Woman enters it's fourth volume, better known as Bomaw. Picking up from the previous volume, Shawn gets busy with tracking down his wife, while she gets busy with completing her to do list - knowing only too well, that once her husband gets his hands on her, that's it, time away to find herself will be over! Come and join us into the lives of Shawn and Sylvia, along with their families and friends, as this series continues, and the drama intensifies!

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