Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bomaw 13 by Mercedes Keyes Review

I, like some other fans of the Bomaw series, was a little concerned when Keyes announced that she would be altering the way that she will continue on with the series. Keyes felt a need to make her writing conform with her belief that the stories where a bit too erotic with more profanity than she would like. Now, anyone who has seen the types of books that I read will notice that I personally do not have a problem reading erotica and the language that accompanies it. However, I respect the fact that Keyes kept to her convictions and took the risk of her fans rebelling and possibly abandoning her stories following the change in writing. Do not make that mistake! Keyes has done an excellent job balancing the wonderful stories being told within Bomaw 13. She provides slightly sensual scenes when fitting and does not shy away from the fact that sex is part of the story, yet seems to keep the integrity of the changes she wanted to make. The essence of Keyes' writing is the same, the detailed sexuality has just been toned down and I didn't miss it all because the story grips you and it was not needed to keep me immersed in the pages. 

Bomaw 13 covers a lot of ground and I will try to be as vague as possible so that I do not spoil the read for anyone. We get a nice detailed history of just what the connection between Mama JoJo and Bart is and it's a doozie. Their shared history makes me glad that things have moved forward as much as it has even though there is still much more progress still to be made in the world. Maribel loses.Her. Mind. When I tell you this woman has gone off the deep end, I mean she took a flying leap with a swan dive at the end. Crystal shows that she is not stable and needs much more help than she is willing to ask for. Both Maribel and Crystal both need a good doctor and pharmacist who can work in tandem, because damn. These ladies definitely need some medical intervention. While I sound like I am laughing at them, cause I am, some of their shenanigans are hilarious. That is until you think of the reason for their erratic and volatile behavior. The theme with those two really is the fear of the stigma and the shame some feel when accepting help from medication. This  needs to be addressed and released by both Maribel and Crystal so that they can embrace the fact that good mental health is more important than any preconceived judgments on their parts. I am sure all this will be dealt with in future books. 

There is a scene between Jake and Vivian that I suggest you read in the privacy of your own home because it will induce uncontrollable laughter and if you are anything like me it will not be a quiet snicker but a full on laugh out loud for two minutes moment. It just got more and more funny and earned me the stink eye from my dog Bubba who I thoughtlessly disturbed from his nap. (He's definitely not sure if his mama is playing with a full deck.) There are some heart breaking moments as well so be prepared for a little gut wrenching. 

I highly recommend this series despite any and all flaws and obstacles that I have mentioned in previous reviews. The Bomaw series is a uniquely written and entertaining story and I am so glad that I have been taken on the journey. 

My favorite lines:

"You triflin', sneaky, shiftless, lying, freaky snake! Better believe it baby, I ain't the one! And Lord knows, I'm not done yet, it's only just begun, 'cause I took a nap!" 

"You gone be the death of me Gert." Bart finally said. "We all gotta die some might as well be by me."

Happy Reading!

You can read my review of Bomaw 1 to see what I mean when I say "flaws and obstacles" by clicking here.


  1. Oh I have to try this series...those quotes alone got me all excited, lols. Your are helping my wishlist explode Monica :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it Sharonda! This series is so entertaining. If the editing was well done it would beyond excellent! You do have to read them in order though so check out my review of book 1 if you get a chance!


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