Friday, April 4, 2014

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) by J.R. Ward Review

This installment of the BDB series has a different feel from the previous books. There is a sense that the world created by Ward is changing, growing, and moving forward. Although the books will no doubt continue to center around the Brothers, other characters and their stories are taking more prominence. All of the primary brothers are mated now and things need to move forward. I, for one, am alright with that. I have loved seeing the trials and tribulations each brother has had to navigate to get their HEA and I am excited to see where Ward will lead us.

In The King we get a large glimpse into the history of Wrath's parents and the connections between his ancestors and some of the ancestors of the glymera. Wrath and Beth face a challenge in their marriage and both must face fears and boundaries that they have placed on themselves. We get more of the Shadow brothers' story. Trez and iAm are finally pushed to make decisions about the S'Hisbe , their family that they left behind, and what their futures possibly hold for each of them. Trez tries to fight his overpowering attraction to the Chosen Selena and his feelings of unworthiness when in her presence. Assail and Sola has a story that ventures into the terrifying under belly of the city and the consequences of being a part of it. There are interactions between Xcor and Layla with them not knowing quite what to make of their mutual attraction. As well as the machinations of the Band of Bastards and the despicable and antiquated members of the glymera Council.  Most of the brothers make brief appearances or are mentioned, but it is clear that the stories are taking a new direction.

The King is full of bad ass goodness, twists and turns, along with changes that were surprising and left me craving more. I can't wait to see what Ward has in store for us next. Just please, please, please let it feature Lassiter! I think that I love him as much as Ian from the Night Huntress world!

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