Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blood Red Rage (Littlemoon Investigations Series #1) by Morgan Kelley

If you enjoy romantic suspense you may want to give this freebie a try!


Book One in the Littlemoon Series. 

They're starting anew. 
Julian and Tori Littlemoon are venturing out and are now their own bosses. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time. 
As they struggle to build up a business and make a name for themselves, they have other problems facing them down. 
Someone is collecting women. 
It's a new dangerous game, and since they no longer have the power of the FBI to back them up, they’re learning on the fly. 
And it isn't easy! 
They've been hired to bring home one missing girl, and no one believes that it’ll be anything more than a simple open and shut case. Unfortunately for the team, it leads them deep into the bowels of something far more sinister. 
With the help of the family, and an unexpected ally with a 'gift', they begin to unravel the mystery of who is taking these women to create the ultimate collection. 
The truth will be set free, but can they live with the consequences of what is to come? 
The chaos is the least of their worries. Now, the team has a far bigger concern. 

It's the Blood Red Rage, and maniac with an appetite to own them all… 

Warning: Graphic sex and adult situations. 

Littlemoon Investigations Series 

Blood Red Rage (book 1) 
Lost & Broken (book 2) June 2014 
Unthinkable Games (book 3) Winter 2014 

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