Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Forgotten Enemy (Powers of Influence #1) by C.B. Haight

They were coming for her... 

The only problem was, Collett, couldn't recall who or why. For the last two years, the only thing she knew was the key to her survival remained hinged on staying one step ahead of the Darkness that wanted her dead. Or so she thought. 

Everything changes when Cade tries to help her. Born a werewolf nearly three hundred years earlier, He is no stranger to the unpredictability that accompanies the secret world of the supernatural. Committing himself to help the alluring Collett, Cade quickly learns that the ultimate cost for helping may be his own heart. 

They soon discover that Collett is far more than she appears. As otherworldly abilities awaken within her, everyone, including herself, becomes hungry to know who she really is and what, exactly, she is capable of. 

However, Collett is not the only one to harbor dark secrets... 

Their enemies are stacking up, and the odds are against them. Can they discover the truth in time, or will the past destroy them all? 

The first book of this suspension-packed series, is full of surprising twists, heart-pounding excitement, and the test of love between two beings fighting the will of destiny.

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