Friday, May 9, 2014

Made for Sin Box Set

Grab this 99 cents bargain while it's cheap!


What's your favorite sin?

Love and lust don't always play by the rules and neither do the bad boys in this tantalizing bundle. Whether you're looking for criminal masterminds, rogue assassins or bike-riding billionaires used to having their way, 'Made for Sin' has all of these and more. Included are 10 tales of hunky men with dark secrets and the women that they can't stay away from...even if their lives are put in danger because of it. So pick up your copy today and find out just how good it can feel to be bad. 

Breaking Sophie by Cara Layton - 

After breaking away from her crumbing life, Sophie finds herself far from home and head-over-heels for a mysterious man known only as Dom. But when his mob ties catch up to them, the two must fight together against dark forces that threaten to ruin everything. 

Untamed Hearts by Catherine Vale - 

He’s a wild and dangerous shifter on a motorcycle. She’s a feisty full-figured waitress trying to rebuild her life. Both have secrets. Can two people with so many years of hurt between them learn to trust again? 

The Assassin and the Girl from the Coffee Shop by Terry Towers - 

When the devilishly handsome assassin Scott Redding shows up at the coffee shop during Lily's shift her life is thrown into chaos. She finds herself on the run with Scott, fending off rival assassins who are hot on their trail, and fighting her raging desires for the sexy, seductive killer. 

Marcus’s Mercy (#1) by Anna Antonia – 

Marcus is an assassin. Marguerite is a sales clerk. One paid to kill. The other paid to not. When Marcus makes her a deal to become his woman, Marguerite accepts not just his terms but his heart… 

Seduced by Danger (#1): Help Me by Clara Bayard - 

A young woman’s search for her missing sister sucks her into a mysterious world of seduction and danger. Her only ally is a sexy billionaire with irresistible charisma and too many secrets. 

Take Care of You by Charisma M. Cole - 

Ebony Rivers knew Maxhew Kournikova was trouble, but by the time she comes to her senses, she's in too deep to walk away. Too deep to escape, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Until she meets Demetrius. 

The Dangerous Billionaire by Aphrodite Hunt - 

Nicolas is a handsome, tyrannical and ruthless crime lord, and Sofia has just given herself to him to pay for her father's debts. But the only thing she hasn't allowed for is his beautiful son, Paul. 

How Bad Can a Cowboy be? by Skye Eagleday - 

After destroying his father’s presidential campaign, King of the Bad Boy Cowboys Franco Delgato is exiled to a Dude Ranch where he meets his match in curvy Kathy Cunningham. And in Kathy’s case—XL stands for “Extra Lovely.” 

My Rockstar Billionaire by Amy Aday - 

Curvy and shy writer, Belle travels to an island resort for a work trip and unexpectedly meets sexy, mysterious Ricky. He’s gorgeous, charming, crazy about her and won't take no for an answer. Still reeling from her past heartbreak, can she learn to trust again? Will she learn his secrets and should she trust this irresistible mystery man? 

Soldier - A Mob Romance by Liliana Rhodes - 

Gia's a good girl. She should have nothing to do with me, but she's awakened feelings in me I didn't think I was capable of having. Protecting her was like breathing, I didn't have a choice. But the one act that will finally make her safe, is what will push her away. I must kill her brother.

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