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Preyfinders Series by Cari Silverwood


Preyfinders, Book 2
BOOK GENRE: erotic scifi romance
AUTHOR NAME: Cari Silverwood
PUBLISHER: Cari Silverwood
AVAILABLE FORMATS: mobi, epub, pdf

Willow has her hands full scraping out a life in a grungy neighborhood where drugs and crime are the norm. Life is hard, but it’s about to get harder. Being transformed into a sexual pet for an alien warrior may be her only way out.

But Stom, the man she’s been awarded to as a battle honor, has no use for a female, not when his heart is still in a million pieces.

Though the need to be Stom’s mate is overwhelming her, mending his heart isn’t going to be enough. His enemies are searching, looking for the women who are more than they seem, and she’s in their hands before she discovers she’s more-than-human.

Sometimes it sucks to be a chosen one.


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Preyfinders, Book 1
BOOK GENRE: erotic scifi romance
AUTHOR NAME: Cari Silverwood
PUBLISHER: Cari Silverwood

A Preyfinder is trained to withstand hardship and pain, but Jadd would rather kneel before a firestorm than leave his captive, Brittany, to be stalked and killed. The choice between love and loyalty to his soldier brothers may tear him in two. 

About the Author:

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of BDSM stories and dark erotic fiction.

She writes the way the world should be - dangerous and sexy with bullets piercing the darkness and lovers wrenched close by ropes. When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read. this real world, she has a lovely family in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs...a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what she writes, and a menagerie of other animals barking, meowing, and swimming about the place.

Connect with Cari:

Read an Excerpt (Explicit):

Stom cleared his throat and backed her further under the shower then began soaping her.

Amazing how he managed, even getting her to turn around so he could wash her hair and watching the water flow in rippling and twisting currents down her back.Willow’s muscles were heaven under his hands. Smoothing away the residues of soot on her pleased him immensely. It hit some spot inside him that made him know, yes, he was doing good.

Her soft noises of pleasure made him have to stop once or twice to reassemble his brain, but he kept going. Clean her. Get her right.

Make her a woman again and not some soot-covered succubus.

Suck. The word in his mind made his cock twitch and his fingers dug into her shoulders.

“Ow!” Willow flinched and spun around, almost slipping on the wet stone.

Her full breasts jiggled, swayed. The pink-brown centers drew him.

They were all puckered up from the play of water over them, or perhaps from his rushed soaping. The two little taut buds had been under his palms, bubbles of soap catching on them…

“Oh,” she murmured, looking down at where his pants were pushed out by his erection.

When she didn’t raise her eyes and the very tip of her tongue emerged from her lips to curl moistly against them, he groaned.

This wasn’t why he’d kept her, remember? He needed to sort out her life, somehow. Stop her getting killed. Sex was just, was not… He inhaled a shuddery breath.

She twisted her mouth and took a partial step toward him, enough that she nudged his pants and, more importantly, pushed into the tip of his cock with her stomach. Her mischievous smile as she rolled her hips side to side, pushing at him some more, made him growl.


  1. Sexy shower excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Collenga, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt!


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