Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Worlds of Obsession by Kella McKinnon

It has been ages since human-kind has admitted to itself that things don’t have to be seen to be real. That they might not be alone, or even the most powerful race on the Earth. Eyes closed, excuses at the ready, they go about their lives, never knowing how often they have been saved from certain death, or how close they have walked to the Evil that balances the Good in both their world and the other worlds that they cannot see. All because of the warriors that have pledged to keep that balance, hunting down the primeval and deadly predators that have always hunted humans… 
As a member of the ancient and powerful Fomoirian race, Bastien has become one of these elite warriors, and in truth his job is everything to him; his whole life. There is nothing left for him but the small shred of peace that comes from killing monsters in the night and knowing that only good can come from their death. For all the rest of two hundred long years, he has been yearning for death to finally take him, as it should have the night that he lost everything. 
Everything but the stubborn beat of his heart. 
Now, after all this time, out of the numbness of his existence he has felt the first stirrings of something more… and the past and the present are about to collide in a way he never could have imagined. One seemingly chance meeting in a Glasgow alleyway will make him question everything he has ever known to be possible, and make him yearn to be brought back to life in a way he could never have imagined…


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