Saturday, June 7, 2014

Don't Leave Me This Way by Sienna Mynx Review

I'm heart sick, I really am. I really enjoy Sienna Mynx, but I just can't get into this one. I'm sitting at 28% and I just can't go on. I'm not connecting with Keturah and it could very well be because she is only 19 and young adult angst just doesn't appeal to me. Crispin is a baby Dom who's training himself by reading various books on the dominant/submissive lifestyle which include the Karma Sutra and books by the Marquis de Sade. And on top of that he is breaking a trust with her that in today's age is a very big deal and I don't know if I can get past that. So many things can go wrong because of the trust that he is breaching; especially in today's world of technology. I, admittedly,am not in the lifestyle; however even I know that total trust is required between a Dom and his submissive. A submissive is supposed to have the ability to give or deny consent before handing over control and Cripsin has withheld Keturah's ability to make that decision about something so vital. Deal breaker. I am positive that this is what causes the rift between them, but I just can't keep reading right now to find out. 

I will say that Mynx warns in the description of this book that there is ultimate betrayal and that 10 years pass and you get to see what happens later with a more mature couple so all is not lost with this story, but I am still going to put it aside for a little while. Sometimes the mood or space that I am in affects how I perceive and react to a book. This may have just been the wrong time for me to pick up a read like this one. I am definitely going to come back to Don't Leave Me This Way because I don't feel that I have given it a fair shake. I may be in an old lady aggressively judgmental mood, so I am going to shake off this funk and come back to it later. 

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He moved in a world of power and privilege. All of his life people expected greatness of him because of his noble birth. She was merely a young girl new to the country and different from any of the socialites who threw themselves at his feet. Their meeting was fated destiny. Falling in love with her was the unexpected consequence. 

Crispin Maxwell had one meaningful affair. Though brief, he's spent a decade trying to forget the brief encounter with Keturah Jones. He failed. However, Crispin has found her again. And who she is now is a far different than the girl he once knew. How does he win the heart of someone who has evidently moved on? To do so Crispin sets into motion events that bring about disastrous results. But in the end Keturah Jones is his. Will she hate him for the lies, deceit or understand that he is the only man that can share in her passions. He's willing to gamble it all for her. And Crispin was born to win. 

"Don't Leave Me This Way" is a torrid BDSM love/hate story. The sex scenes are explicit. The betrayals in the story are extreme. The characters and their motivations will be left to your interpretation. The story starts in the past and hurls the reader ten years to the future. If you aren't a fan of BDSM this book is not for you.

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