Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Harlot at the Homestead (The Duggans of Montana, #1) by Molly Ann Wishdale Review

Being a short story things happen fast in Harlot at the Homestead so there was not a lot of time for detailed conflict between Kenan and Catherine. Kenan doesn't nurse his feelings of betrayal and abandonment for nearly as long I would have liked after Catherine's return. The story needs to jump fairly quickly into dispensing justice to all involved with Catherine's disappearance. Although Catherine has a perfectly legitimate reason for her sudden disappearance, it still seemed a bit rushed that Kenan would allow her back into his life so quickly.  For Catherine's part, after what she has been through her desire for a physical relationship, even with the love of her life, is also a bit rushed. However, this quick erotic read has a full story. If you enjoy quick reads there's a little something for everyone in this one. Steaminess, danger, a hot rancher, and a damsel in distress who was willing to risk everything to save herself. Take heed that this is erotica and contains explicit language and descriptive scenes.

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Sometimes retribution finds its own way but sometimes it needs a helping hand.
When Catherine Montgomery shows up at Kenan Duggan’s homestead, she expects him to be surprised. She’s been gone two years and she’s devastated to hear that her former fiancé was forced to give her up for dead.

Catherine never stopped thinking about Kenan and hoped that they’d be reunited one day. She has suffered at the hands of another but nothing tortured her as much as being apart from the man she loves. She doubts, however, that Kenan will be able to forgive her when she reveals her secrets.

As Kenan battles his desire for revenge, their mutual desire reawakens like a creek bed in the rain, and soon they are swept up in rediscovering their all-consuming passion.
Retribution often finds its own way in the Wild West and the men to blame for Catherine’s disappearance may well find themselves paying for their crimes in unexpected ways.

That’s if Kenan doesn’t get to them first!

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