Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hearts of Iron by Laura Day


A Biker Erotic Romance 

Lance Brewer has his own idea of justice, separate from the law.
It’s never been a problem. Miller is a small town with no police and an easygoing sheriff half a county away. Miller sees to its own affairs, and more often than not that means Lance sees to Miller’s affairs. 

Katie Brighton has been trying for years to bring law and order to her town.
She doesn’t care for Lance’s methods, effective as they may be. Real justice shouldn’t be delivered with fists and it’s her mission to change Miller for the better. 

Her efforts are finally about to pay off.
Katie’s cause has picked up steam. She secured the budget for Miller’s very own three-man police force and Lance is furious with the little troublemaker. 

Because that’s all the law brings: trouble.
Katie laughs him off for all of five minutes before she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Rather than law and order she brought corruption and greed to sleepy little Miller. Now she needs Lance’s help to fix it, but will he set aside his told-you-so’s in time to stop the crooked cops from destroying the town she loves so much?

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