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Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins Series by T.L. Haddix

After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager as well as a disastrous first marriage, Lauren Taylor Grant is content with her life. So what if she gets lonely from time to time? With a healthy, beautiful daughter and a successful coffee shop-cafe, the divorced single mother convinces herself she doesn’t have time for love. When she gets her first glimpse at her parents’ handsome new neighbor, though, she starts reconsidering her stance. Once Charlie Clark begins breaking through her defensive walls, Lauren finds him hard to resist.

Nothing stays hidden forever…

Just as Lauren is learning to let go of the past and embrace the future, her personal demons rear their ugly heads in the guise of a vandal hell-bent on destroying Lauren’s happiness. When another local businesswoman is brutally murdered, the investigation into the crime reveals an unexpected connection to Lauren’s past. The message is clear--the past has come calling, and it’s out for blood.

Note for Readers: This book does deal with the issues of incest and sexual abuse, more with the effects on the victims than the abuse itself. Reader Discretion Advised.

Be careful what you wish for...

From the time she was a teenager, Beth Hudson only ever wanted two things out of life--to become a journalist for the newspaper her family owned, and to be with Ethan Moore. With the first goal marked off her list, she has no idea how to go about achieving the second, especially since Ethan himself seems determined to stand in her way. As the distance between Beth and Ethan grows, a mysterious, handsome stranger arrives in town, his presence only adding to Beth’s confusion.

When strange nighttime lights and Satanic altars start appearing across the rural Indiana county Beth calls home, she is distracted from her heartache over Ethan’s uncaring attitude. Frustrated by the lack of concern from local law enforcement and resolved to find answers, Beth launches her own investigation. What she uncovers is much more than what she bargained for. 

Unsure of who to trust, Beth continues looking into the odd occurrences. As she closes in on the truth, it becomes apparent her persistence is pushing someone’s buttons in a big way. Refusing to give up before the truth is revealed, Beth’s determination to get answers could end up costing her everything--even her life.

When it comes to murder, the past is never really dead... 

For ten years, Chase Hudson has carried the weight of his college girlfriend’s unsolved murder on his shoulders.  When a ghost from the past comes calling, Chase’s friends and family become the targets of a serial killer who’ll stop at nothing to make Chase suffer. Now, Chase is in a race against time to convince the authorities of his innocence, and catch the real killer. 

Annie Jameson-Tucker has been burned more than once.  Afraid to get her heart broken again, she is careful to keep her lovers at a distance… until Chase Hudson manages to slip inside her walls. Terrified of being hurt, Annie has to choose whether to let Chase stay, or to close him out and let her insecurities destroy their chance at happiness. 

ven the good guys sometimes have secrets they don't want revealed to the rest of the world....

For thirty years, Wyatt Dixon had worn a badge. Sworn to protect and serve, he'd done just that for the people of Olman County, Indiana. He'd even sacrificed his first marriage on the altar of the office of Sheriff. But then the blackmail letter came... And everything he'd worked so hard to build threatened to crumble around him. 

Wyatt wasn't the only one to receive a letter, either...

Fighting a deep attraction to a woman he should know better than to become involved with, Wyatt's professional frustration also grows as the investigation is thwarted at every turn by a master extortionist who has the citizens of Olman County, Indiana, in an uproar. With decisions to make that will affect his life and the sheriff's department for a long time to come, Wyatt has to choose - to reach for personal happiness and risk it all, or to walk away from what could be his soul mate.

Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins Series in Order:

Secrets in the Shadows (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins #1)
Under the Moon's Shadow (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins, #2)
Shadows from the Grave (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins #3)
Hidden in the Shadows (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins #4)
In the Heart's Shadow (Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins #5)-Not on sale at this time, but is only $3.99

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