Monday, June 23, 2014

When Love Calls by Anja Pruitt

99 cents at Amazon. This is a new author, but when I looked up the reviews they are all positive so far. The story checks a couple of boxes for me, it's IR and it features a woman who is definitely an adult! So this is now on my Kindle and I'll eventually give it a try!

You can also read an excerpt from When Love Calls by going to Anja's website!

Happy Reading!


Erin Porter is a 36 year old pediatric surgeon. Past heartbreaks have left her guarded and obtuse toward all things love and relationship related. She has plenty of boy toys to scratch her “itch” when needed but does not have, nor is she looking for anything serious or long term. At least not until Josh and Mike enter her life. 
She meets them both around the same time but one is sensitive and affectionate while the other is sensual and passionate. Meeting them both cause her to examine not only what she wants but who she is.
She sets out on a quest to discover her truest self in the hope of overcoming her past and determining with whom she will step into her future. Both men stand by her through some very difficult times but who will be beside her when she faces the greatest challenge of her life? Will it be Joshua with his strong, quiet sensitivity or will it be Mike with his passion and zeal for life? Erin struggles to decide between what her heart needs and what her body craves but fate steps in and tips the scales.

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