Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brothers of Element Series by Cora Blu

Oh my good gravy! This series looks awesome! A unique take on shape shifters and it's cheap! 99 cents for book 1 & book 2 is only $1.99!


Clear Coral has been the life-sustaining force behind the ocean since life first existed there. Now she is dying. She has placed the knowledge of how to save her and the oceans in the hands of Dagger, a tiger shark, the king of the ocean. 
Dagger must now convince Drew, a marine biologist, that she is now the only hope for the creatures she loves. He must convince her that love can truly save the world. A scientist must look into the bizarre – consider ideas that that she could only imagine experiencing between the covers of a book. 
Old-world beliefs clash with the modern woman, and Dagger realizes he is up for more of a challenge than he ever imagined. Twelve days is all the time he has left in order to save Clear Coral. Will Drew be the salvation the world needs, or will time slip away before she can get a grip on her new reality?(


Finning is on the rise in the Pacific; King Blade Bartholomew must regain his memories for his life mate and stop the finning before his people are wiped out completely.

Max, the resident botonist in the Atlantic under King Dagger, is out. His animal has been revealed.
For the last year he had been under suspicion not having revealed his animal or who his family was to the clan. Until recently he had no memory of his family, only seeing them lying dead around him on the shore in human form. Had not queen Pe'lonia found him there in the Indian Ocean... he would be dead as well.

Being the only shifter of his kind, protecting his identity, living amongst his animals natural predators, had been his choice.

Now that he has gained most of his memory and knows he comes from the Indian Ocean, the ocean former King Augustine is banned from, others believe him to be a spy. They are intitled to their opinions--until it involves Chloe.

The only shifter he’s concerned with is Chloe. Silently they developed a friendship, now that friendship is threatened.

Someone is trying to turn the attention of the one woman he cares about away from him. Can he find who’s spreading the rumors before he loses her an his new home all together? Not to mention his connection to the new Atlantic Queen, Drew Hamilton.

Will his relationship with Chloe last long enough for him to grow the sterling roses he promised her? The only thing she'd ever asked of him.

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