Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gifts of Desire by Kella McKinnon

Gifts of Desire…

The wheels of fate are set in motion when a cursed Scottish laird finds his soul mate, and she gives him the one gift that he had given up hoping for...

When Ella MacCrae is sent from her home on a secret quest to find a great treasure at Castle Tulloch, she does not know what she is looking for, but what she finds is the irresistible strength and passion of a warrior whose heart cries out for her, though at first he will not listen.

Ceann MacKenzie, Laird of Tulloch, has been living for some time with the knowledge that he is cursed to be the last of his line: he will never hold a child of his own in his arms. Driven to a life of hard battle and bitter loneliness, he has given up on the dream of a wife and family, determined to devote himself instead to his clan until the day his cousin will take over the lairdship. When he finds a beautiful woman alone in the forest, he suspects a trap, but from the moment he sees her, his formerly steely resolve begins to crumble. Though she will not tell him who she is, Ceann finds himself unable to forget her, or even keep his hands from her. 

With secrets and treachery and half-told tales all around them, will two souls be able to fulfill a destiny they don’t even know is theirs?

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