Sunday, July 27, 2014

Impossible Series Box Set (Savior, Rogue, and Knight) by Julia Sykes



Check out the series that readers say is Impossible to put down! For a limited time only, get three Impossible Novels - Savior, Rogue, and Knight - for just 99 Cents!


Sex is my drug of choice. That's just the truth. There's no point fighting it.

I've never met a man as dangerous for me as Clayton. The sexy FBI agent wants to save my junkie kid brother from the violent Latin Kings and save me from my self-destructive behavior. He makes me want to be better than what I am. It thrills me almost as much as it terrifies me.

To keep me close, he ruthlessly exploits my weakness: lust. He grants me the sweet release that I can only find in sexual submission, and I am quickly becoming addicted to him.

I am willing and eager to give him my body. But can I do that without putting my heart - and my life - in jeopardy?


I've never been a failure. I don't allow myself to make mistakes. I've lived my life to painstaking perfection.

Until now.

I can't seem to get anything right. And when you work for the FBI, mistakes can cost lives.

Busting BDSM club Decadence for drug trafficking is my chance to prove myself. And no pushy Dominant is going to throw me off my game, not even sinfully sexy club owner Derek Carter. I have to keep him close in order to uncover his secrets, but keeping him close to my body while guarding my heart is proving more difficult than I ever imagined.

He might just be my biggest mistake yet.


Abducted. Drugged. Broken. I became a plaything, a possession. If I did ever have a name, I don't remember it now. Slaves don't have names.

My new Master stole me away from the man who tormented me. He saved me and took me for himself. I've found my salvation in his obsession, my freedom in his captivity.

Will his brand of rescue leave me more broken than ever?

*Note* The Impossible Series contains scorching scenes of BDSM!

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