Sunday, July 27, 2014

International Lovers (Saudi Arabian Nights Series) by Ava Thorn

This Is New Release of International Lovers, this novel have been re-edited. 

Harmony craved a change in her life. Who wouldn’t, especially after her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend? The opportunity to move overseas for a teaching job couldn’t have happened at a better time. Maybe she could escape the pain and hurt in Saudi Arabia and learn the ways of a different culture. 
While in Saudi Arabia, a sandstorm turned into something much more. Meeting a handsome man and having fun with him, Harmony told herself it was nothing more. As it turned out, that was enough for him to decide never to let her go. After spending more time together, Harmony discovers her handsome man, Raamiz, is actually a Saudi prince. With love and passion on their side, can they overcome all the deception and obstacles in their path to make a marriage that will last? 
When the mysterious death threats begin, Raamiz is desperate to find out who is behind it. Who can be trusted? One thing to remember about family and friends, they could be your worst enemy! 

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